Development specifications

The City of Coffs Harbour has adopted the AUS-SPEC series of specifications to describe the planning and design standards. It also describes the construction standards to be met for new civil engineering infrastructure associated with subdivisions and development works.

The City is a subscriber to the NATSPEC service. We make these standards available to users who accept the following terms and conditions.

The City's Standard Drawings are also available to supplement the AUS-SPEC documents.

Gain access to AUS-SPEC documents

Step 1.Read the terms and conditions of use of AUS-SPEC publications

  1. NATSPEC retains copyright of all AUS-SPEC material
  2. The City of Coffs Harbour grants a non-exclusive Licence to the end user for the use of our edited version of AUS-SPEC Specifications and hereafter referred to as "AUS-SPEC".
  3. AUS-SPEC will only be used for works where the City of Coffs Harbour is a Consent Authority for, or owner or operator or manager of, assets, or consultant to same.
  4. No copying or modification of AUS-SPEC documents is permitted
  5. The end user shall be responsible for the correct application of AUS-SPEC. The end user acknowledges that NATSPEC and the City of Coffs Harbour have no control over and cannot influence the circumstances in which AUS-SPEC may be used by the end user and, accordingly, the end user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NATSPEC and the City of Coffs Harbour against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs or losses whatsoever which may be brought, commenced or made against them, either jointly or separately, or which may be suffered by them or any of them in respect of the use of AUS-SPEC.
  6. Designers needing to modify an AUS-SPEC based specification must become AUS-SPEC Subscribers. Breach of copyright may be interpreted by the courts as making an illegal specification, hence making it invalid. Become a subscriber at the NATSPEC website.
  7. This License is personal and shall not be assigned, and the end user shall not allow any other person to use or have access to AUS-SPEC.
  8. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales.
  9. These Licence conditions are deemed to have been accepted by the end user.

Step 2.Agree to the terms and conditions

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