Construct in Vicinity & Protection of Council Underground Asset Policy

Under Section 59A of the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act), Council is the owner of all works of water supply, sewerage and stormwater drainage installed in or on land by council (whether or not the land is owned by council). The Act provides council access to any land required to operate, repair, replace, maintain, remove, extend, disconnect, improve or do any other things that are necessary or appropriate to any of its works to ensure that, in the opinion of council, the works are used in an efficient manner for the purposes for which the works were installed.

Unrestricted building of structures or other construction activities close to underground assets can increase the probability of damage to those assets, restrict access to those assets and increase the cost of their maintenance and repair.

This policy details the requirements for performing private construction activities in vicinity to public underground assets in various circumstances.

Any works undertaken will need to be documented using Council's Standard Drawings to supplement adopted AUS-SPEC specifications. See Council's development specifications