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Online DAs only from January 1

The NSW Government has mandated that all Development Applications lodged with us must be through the NSW Online Planning Portal from 1 January 2021 ...

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SEnergy Advice Service

Energy Advice Service

Council has partnered with the Australian Energy Foundation to provide you with independent energy advice...

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Local Emergencies Disaster Dashboard

Council has a Disaster Dashboard to help you prepare for, cope and recover from any local emergency...

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Councillors community and staff members pose inside a community hall

Council Recognised in Major State Awards

Council’s people-centred approach to helping the community recover from the 2019 bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic saw us reach the finals of the 2021 NSW Local Government Excellence Awards...

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Tradespeople installing solar panels on a roof

Council Powering Ahead with Energy Goals

Switching to electric vehicles using renewable power and expanding our rollout of solar power are among the proposals that will help us reach our renewable energy and emissions reductions goals for 2030...

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Art installation on a wall

STILL: National Still Life Award 2021 Finalists Announced

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery has unveiled its shortlist of finalists from a record number of entries by artists across Australia, all vying for the $30,000 prize, Still: National Still Life Award 2021...

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Council Committees

Community Committees

​Section 355 of the Local Government Act 1993 makes provision for some council functions to be exercised by a committee of Council. Council has established a number of Council Committees with many involving community members.

Using community members on Council Committees reflects Council's commitment to actively engage and utilise the expertise within its community. Council Committees enable a sense of community ownership, community involvement, development and overall community well-being all meeting Council’s objective of a connected community. The advice and management provided by the various committees is invaluable as a consultative and information mechanism.

Council acknowledges and appreciates the important voluntary contribution of committee members for providing advice and effective operation of Council community facilities (e.g. sports grounds and community halls and the advice on various community issues and facilities).

The committees are limited to their role determined by Council’s Terms of Reference and powers which are regulated under Section 377 of the Local Government Act. As such, Council is responsible for everything a committee does while it is acting within its terms of Reference and powers.


​Anyone can apply to become a member of a Council Committee if vacancies are available. If you wish to apply for a vacant position, fill in the Committee Membership Application Form.

More information on Council Committees is provided in our Council Committees Handbook.

All Council Committee members are required to complete the following online volunteer and Council Committee Code of Conduct induction.

Further training and induction is provided by Council once you commence in the role.

Council Committees

The following sections provide further detail of Council’s Committees such their terms of reference, Councillor representation, committee members and meeting minutes.


​Terms of Reference - Disability Inclusion and Access Advisory Committee

Committee Members

  • Vacant (Community Member) 
  • Tanya Watts (Community Member) 
  • Madalyn Hails (Community Member) 
  • Khishkok Abdo (Community Member) 
  • Heather Coutts (Community Member) 
  • Bridget Mackenzie (Community Member) 
  • Shalla Thomas (Community Member) 
  • Representative for Momentum Collective (community organisation) 
  • Representative for Blue Sky Communities Inc. (community organisation) 
  • Representative for Coffs Harbour Support Services (community organisation) 
  • Representative for Mid North Coast Local Health District (community organisation) 


Terms of Reference - Agricultural Advisory Committee

Councillor Representative

  • Councillor Sally Townley

Committee Members

  • Leigh Priestly
  • Scott Wolgamott
  • Paul Shoker
  • 1 x NSW Farmers member
  • 1 x Department of Primary Industries (Agriculture) member
  • 1 x Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) member
  • 1 x Solitary Islands Marine Park Authority member
  • 1 x Office of the Environment and Heritage Member
  • 1 x Office of Water member
  • 1 x Local Aboriginal Council member

Committee Minutes


​Terms of Reference - Australia Day Committee

Councillor Representative

  • Councillor Denise Knight (Mayor)
  • Councillor Tegan Swan

Committee Members

  • Mrs Dorothy Hays (OAM)

Committee Minutes


Terms of Reference - City Centre Master Plan Committee

Councillor Representative 

  • Councillor Denise Knight (Mayor)

Committee Members

  • John Gowing
  • David Doyle
  • Brian Betts
  • Cherie Parik
  • Oliver Gee
  • Kim Towner
  • Kirby Burton

​Terms of Reference - Coastal Estuary Management Advisory Committee

Councillor Representative

  • Councillor Sally Townley
  • Councillor Paul Amos

Committee Members

  • Ian Shaw
  • Bob Palmer
  • Bruce Fidge
  • 2 x Coffs Harbour City Council Staff
  • 1 x National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • 1 x Solitary Islands Marine Park
  • 1 x Southern Cross University
  • 1 x State Emergency Service
  • 1 x Office of Environment and Heritage
  • 1 x Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries
  • 1 x Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare
  • 1 x Roads and Maritime Services
  • 1 x Crown Lands
  • 1 x Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • 1 x Local Land Services

Committee Minutes


​Terms of Reference - Cultural Reference Group

Councillor Representative

  • Councillor Denise Knight (Mayor)

Committee Members

  • Cheryl Ward
  • Leonie Henschke
  • Dr Lisa Milner
  • Madge Hair
  • Tanya Watt
  • Jane Cruikshank
  • Carlina Ericson

Committee Minutes


Terms of Reference - Destination Coffs Coast Committee

Councillor Representative

  • Councillor Tegan Swan (Coffs Harbour City Council)

Committee Members

  • 1 x Bellingen Shire Council Councillor
  • 1 x Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce Board representative (Coffs Harbour LGA)
  • 1 x Bellingen Shire Chamber of Commerce representative (Bellingen LGA)
  • 1 x nature-based stakeholder organisation representative
  • 4 x Coffs Harbour tourism industry representative (Coffs Harbour LGA)
  • 2 x Bellingen tourism industry representative (Bellingen LGA)
  • 1 x CHCC Director Sustainable Communities
  • 1 x CHCC Group Leader City Prosperity
  • 1 x CHCC Section Leader Industry and Destination Development
  • 1 x Bellingen Shire Council Manager Economic and Business Development
  • 1x Destination NSW representative

Committee Minutes



Terms of Reference - Floodplain Risk Management Committee

Councillor Representatives

  • Councillor George Cecato
  • Councillor Sally Townley

Committee Members

  • 2 x Coffs Harbour City Council Staff
  • 1 x Community Representative (vacant)
  • Tony Ross
  • John Rowe
  • Office of Environment and Heritage's Flood Manager
  • State Emergency Services Local Controller
  • Representative from relevant government agencies

Committee Minutes


Terms of Reference - Heritage Advisory Committee

Councillor Representative

  • Councillor Tegan Swan

Committee Members

  • James Holmes (Family History Society representative)
  • Pam Worland (Historical Society representative)
  • Dr Craig Bellamy (Museum representative)
  • Coffs Harbour and District Local Aboriginal Land Council representative
  • Terrie Beckhouse (Maritime representative)
  • Gay Bell (Cultural/Arts Community representative) 

Committee Minutes


Terms of Reference - Koala Advisory Committee

Councillor Representatives

  • Councillor Sally Townley
  • Councillor John Arkan

Committee Members

  • 1 x Coffs Harbour City Council Staff
  • 1 x National Parks and Wildlife representative/Office of Environment and Heritage representative
  • 1 x Office of Environment and Heritage representative
  • 1 x  Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) representative
  • 1 x Forestry Corporation of NSW representative
  • 1 x Conservation Group representative - National Parks Association
  • Peter Montgomery
  • Helen Schlangenotto

Committee Minutes


Terms of Reference - Library and Gallery Planning Advisory Group

Councillor Representatives

  • Councillor Denise Knight (Mayor)
  • Councillor Sally Townley
  • Councillor Tegan Swan

Committee Members

  • Leonie Henschke
  • Judith Hibberd
  • Heather McKinnon
  • Garry Murray
  • Kim Towner
  • Raymond Mather

Committee Minutes


​Terms of Reference - Multicultural Advisory Committee

Councillor Representatives

  • Councillor Denise Knight (Mayor)

Committee Members

  • Yarob Haddad (Chairperson)
  • Anne Beasley
  • Cing Thatmun
  • Lisa Hillier-Garvey
  • Karen Huchendorf
  • Marklin Ebo
  • Stanley Nebo

Committee Minutes


​Councillor Representative

  • Councillor Denise Knight (Mayor)
  • Councillor Tegan Swan 
  • Councillor Paul Amos
  • Councillor appointed by the GM (prior to the panel convening)

Terms of Reference - Yandaarra Advisory Committee

Councillor Representatives

  • Councillor Sally Townley

Committee Members

  • Reuban Robinson, Galambila Aboriginal Health Service
  • Nathan Brennan, Coffs Harbour Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • Blake Cusack, Coffs Harbour Aboriginal Education Consultative Group/ Department
  • Toni-Anne Hart, Department of Communities and Justice
  • Kerrie Wilson, community member
  • Deb Dootson, community member
  • Tina Powell, community member
  • Lloyd Lynwood, community member
  • Glenda Perkins, community member
  • Cindy Hoskins, community member
  • Anthea Flowers, community member
  • Representatives from Galambila Aboriginal Health Service

Committee Minutes


Terms of Reference - Sportz Central Advisory Committee

Committee Members

  • Dylan Parbery (Manager)
  • Warwick Hatfield
  • Julie Avery
  • Katie Evans
  • Craig Little
  • Tracey Moore

​Terms of Reference - North Coast Regional Botanic Garden Advisory Committee

Committee Members

  • 2 x Representatives nominated by the Friends of the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden (NCRBG) Inc. Committee
  • Alice Baker
  • Greg Elks
  • Manager Holiday Parks & Reserves
  • Botanic Garden Curator

​Terms of Reference - Sustainability Advisory Committee

Committee Members

  • Councillor Tegan Swan
  • Councillor Sally Townley
  • Barney Maple (community member)
  • Janelle Mawhinney (community member)
  • Jonathan Cassell (community member)
  • Lindy Davis (community member)
  • Representative from Repower Coffs (community organisation)
  • Representative from Mission Australia - Mid North Coast NSW (community organisation)


​Terms of Reference - Positive Ageing Advisory Committee

Committee Members

  • Hunter Handley (Community Member) 
  • Margaret Bridgman (Community Member)
  • Gary Carr (Community Member) 
  • George Gardiner (Community Member) 
  • Dennis Houghton (Community Member) 
  • Judith (Jude) Cole (Community Member) 
  • Dr Vaibhav Tyagi (Community Member) 
  • Carol Burfoot (Community Member) 
  • Representative for Blue Sky Communities Inc. (community organisation) 
  • Representative for Coffs Coast Legacy (community organisation) 
  • Representative for North Coast Primary Health Network (community organisation) 
  • Representative for Probus Club of Coffs City Inc. (community organisation) 
  • Representative for Mid North Coast Local Health District (government entity) 

Community Venue Management Committees

Council appoints Community Venue Management Committees to undertake the care, control and management of various community facilities throughout the local government area. The following is a list of established Section 355 committees.


Terms of Reference - Community Venue Management Committees

Ayrshire Park

  • Fiona Barden (Secretary)
  • Tanya Myers (Treasurer)
  • Fiona Clancy
  • Garry Murray
  • Aaron Banks
  • Benjamin Bryant

Coramba Community Hall

  • Jeff Otto (Chairperson/Booking Officer)
  • Julie Worland (Secretary)
  • Beverley Ralla (Treasurer)
  • Helen Cohen
  • Barry Mannall
  • Lorraine Waller

Eastern Dorrigo Community Hall & Showground

  • Rainey Goulet (Secretary)
  • Carol Cleary (Chairperson)
  • Stephen Cleary (Booking Officer)
  • Vince Sibio (Treasurer)
  • Katie Sibio
  • Rainey Goulet
  • Karina Stephenson

Lowanna Community Hall

  • Donna Shrimpton (Secretary)
  • Shirley Williams (Treasurer)
  • Kerry Pritchard
  • Brenda Mulhearn
  • John Rohozky

Lower Bucca Community Hall

  • Kevin Adams (Chairperson)
  • Barbara Booker (Secretary)
  • Judy Matten (Treasurer)
  • Bruce Matten
  • Nicole Misios
  • Claire Badke

Nana Glen Sport Recreation & Equestrian Centre

  • Kevin Hartley (Chairperson)
  • Garry Dew (Secretary)
  • Bob Everitt (Treasurer)
  • John Kinnear (Booking Officer)
  • Lisa Taffe
  • Michelle Muller
  • Jim Cleary
  • Stephen Hayes
  • Alice Rehwinkel

Toormina Community Centre

  • Shirley Teague (Secretary)
  • Rebecca Neal
  • Noelene Elford
  • Cheryl Ross-Walker 

Woolgoolga Community Village

  • Wendy Partridge (Chairperson)
  • Carol Rowe (Secretary)
  • Renita King  (Treasurer)
  • Karen Sedgewick (Booking Officer)
  • Rashmere Bhatti
  • Luke Speer

Jetty Memorial Theatre (JMT) Management Committee

  • Rex Madigan
  • Judi Williams
  • Mark George
  • Stephanie Ney
  • Coffs Harbour City Council Representative

Committees Established Under Legislation

The following are a list of Committees that are required by legislation that Council either manages or is a member of.


The Local Government Amendment (Governance and Planning) Act 2016 (s 428A) requires that Councils’ appoint an Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee. However, they are not required until 6 months after the next ordinary election of councillors. Despite this, Coffs Harbour City Council has decided to establish the committee, due to the benefits it provides to Council’s Governance arrangements.

The Councillors appointed to the Audit and Risk Committee are Cr Townley and Cr Addendorf.


​The Coffs Harbour Airport is required to establish an Airport Emergency Committee (Civil Aviation Safety Authority Manual of Standards Part 139) and an Airport Security Committee (Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 (Cth) reg 2.11(2)). Due to the common membership of both committees the Coffs Harbour Regional Airport has established a joint emergency and security committee.

Councillor appointed to the Coffs Harbour Airport Emergency and Security Committee is the Mayor (or their delegate).


​The Local Traffic Committee advises Coffs Harbour City Council on traffic and parking control matters for which Council has been delegated authority from NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS delegation). For more information refer to Councils local Traffic Committee web page.

Councillor appointed to the Local Traffic Committee is Cr George Cecato.


This committee is established under Section 28 of the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989. The Coffs Harbour/Bellingen Local Emergency Management Committee is responsible for the preparation and review of plans in relation to the prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies in the Coffs Harbour/Bellingen local government areas.

The Mayor has been appointed to the LEMC as an observer.


​Planning Panels operate across New South Wales to provide independent, merit-based decision making on regionally significant development. The Northern Reginal Planning Planning Panel is established under Schedule 2, Part 3, Clause 10 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The Panels may also have a role in planning proposals, to undertake rezoning reviews or to act as the Planning Proposal Authority (PPA) when directed.

Councillors appointed to the Northern Regional Planning Panel are the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, or alternate member Cr Adendorff.

Committees External to Council

The following is a list of committees that Council is involved in, but are managed by an agency other that Council.


​Airport Focus Group

Councillor appointed to the committee is the Mayor, who has delegated Cr Rhoades as the delegate.

Coffs Coast Regional Park Trust

Councillors appointed to the committee are Cr George Cecato and Cr Tegan Swan.

MoU between Coffs Harbour City Council and Director General of the Department of Environment and Conservation for the Joint Management of the Coffs Coast Regional Park

Mid North Coast Bush Fire Management Committee

Councillor appointed to the committee is Cr Sally Townley.

Mid North Coast Regional Arts Board

Councillor appointed to the committee is Cr John Arkan.

Solitary Islands Marine Park Advisory Committee

Councillor appointed to the committee is Cr Paul Amos.