Integrated Transport Strategy

Council commenced the preparation of its Integrated Transport Strategy in July 2018. This will provide a broad strategic position on a variety of transport and land use issues for our growing regional city, which will build on the MyCoffs vision of 'connected sustainable thriving'.

Major themes earmarked for consideration are:

  • population and employment growth
  • alignment of transport corridors
  • trends in transport options and moving towards increased walking and cycling possibilities
  • future capacity of the existing transport network
  • how we adopt new technologies and trends in transport
  • streets that are made for people and not just cars
  • a future cycling network, and
  • a parking policy.

The project will take two years to complete. Step One has been completed, establishing a clear vision of the city we are trying to create, via a Place Score project.

Next will come a body of work to design a desired place and movement network for the whole of the Local Government Area.