Saving Water In Your Home

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Water Main Flushing

Christmas Closures

Some Council services will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period...

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Extra Yellow Bin

Extra Yellow Bin Service

Every household in Coffs Harbour with a three-bin rubbish collection service will receive...

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Swim Between The Flags

Swim Between The Flags

Stay safe at the beach this summer by swimming between the red and yellow flags at patrolled beaches...

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New Year New Look

A whole new nature-based experience and education tour programme will debut in 2019 with paid opportunities for guides and fresh new experiences...

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Coffs Creek

Dead Trees to be removed from Creek

The State Government has given Council permission to remove dead trees and large branches currently creating a potential public hazard in Coffs Creek...

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Rural Lands

Rural Lands – Future Uses

Council is currently reviewing and updating its Local Growth Management Strategy – a key document that governs how we plan...

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Saving Water In Your Home

Imagine 900 one-litre milk cartons filled with water sitting on your doorstep each morning!  Astonishingly, that's how much water is used every day by the average Australian household. But research shows that we require much less than this for our needs. Saving water is important for the environment and can also be good for your wallet.

How much water do we use indoors?

An average tap flows at a rate of up to 20 litres per minute, depending on how far it's turned on.  Apply this to how we use water in different rooms in the house (see below) and the figures are surprising. 

We can reduce community demand for this precious resource if we all use water more carefully.

How much water am i using in my home?

Use Origin Energy's Water Efficiency Calculator to find out.

How does your water usage compare?

Use the NABERS Home Rating Calculator to find out.

Water efficient products

The Australian Government's Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme allows you to compare the official water efficiency rating of different household products to help consumers to reduce their water consumption and save money on water and energy bills. 

Those products most efficient at using water will be the ones displaying the most blue stars. 

The Smart Watermark ​database allows you to research products for the home, business or garden based on water or energy efficiency ratings​. 

Further information about making your home more water efficient and sustainable can be found on the Australi​an Government's Your Home website.