27 April 2016 Waste Burning Reminder

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27 April 2016 Waste Burning Reminder

Residents are being urged to follow the rules over the burning of garden waste now that the annual ban on backyard burning has been lifted.

If you live in a rural area - land zoned RU2 and R5 - you are permitted to burn without Council approval, subject to requirements of the Rural Fires Act and Regulations.  However you are only permitted to burn dry vegetation.  This means that burning any other waste such as tyres, old mattresses, sofas and plastic is prohibited. 

Burning in an area that is not zoned RU2 and R5 needs approval from Council.

A request for approval must be made in writing and must be made at least 21 days before the proposed date of burning.

When you burn, whether in a rural area or following an approval from Council, you must ensure that you take measures to prevent or minimise air pollution, such as considering wind direction, weather conditions and the length of time the vegetation will take to burn.  

Property-owners are responsible for preventing fires escaping from their property, so it is best to seek Rural Fire Service (RFS) advice before you burn.

It is also a legal requirement to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice to your local fire authority (RFS or Fire and Rescue NSW) and all adjoining neighbours before carrying out any burning.  You must also call the RFS at least one hour before lighting the fire on (02) 6653 1097.

Property-owners should be aware that anyone found guilty of burning without approval, or causing air pollution from a burn, can face a fine of $500 per offence for individuals or $1000 for corporations.  In extreme cases, Council may also consider it appropriate to pursue prosecution, resulting in much higher fines.

For more information, check out the Control of Burning section or call Council on 02 6648 4000, Monday to Friday between 08.30 and 10am, to speak to an Environmental Health Officer.