14 April 2016 Improved Customer Service is Council Goal

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14 April 2016 Improved Customer Service is Council Goal

The purpose of a Draft Customer Service Strategy and Charter going out for public comment from Wednesday, April 20, until Wednesday, May 18, is to help improve the way Coffs Harbour City Council provides services and information to the community.

“A key goal of the Draft Strategy is to have 80% of customer enquiries or requests resolved the first time a customer contacts Council,” said Jay Kirkman, Council’s Group Leader Customer Services.

“We’re aiming at achieving the highest level of customer service we can – whether that is online, by phone or in person.”

The Draft Strategy contains a number of objectives including:

·         Streamlining access and delivery of services;

·         Enhancing Council’s e-business capabilities; and

·         Further development of Council’s community engagement framework.

These objectives support commitments made in the accompanying Customer Service Charter to provide excellent customer service through:

·         Prompt and efficient services;

·         Easy access to public services;

·         Assistance if required when using Council services;

·         Friendly and professional service; and

·         Accurate and consistent information.

Input from the community will be used to frame the way Council delivers its services.

“Another key focus is to develop a greater use of online self-service tools for those who want to deal with us online,” said Mr Kirkman.


“This will also allow Council staff to concentrate on more complex enquiry work and those customers that require greater assistance.


“Ultimately, the Strategy will provide more options for the customer, improved and consistent customer responses, reduced transaction costs for Council and fewer transactions requiring Council staff intervention.”

The Draft Customer Service Strategy and Charter will be on exhibition for 28 days from Wednesday, April 20, until Wednesday, May 18.

The documents can be viewed at Council’s Administration Building and local libraries, as well as online Details of how to make submissions can be found at those locations.