7 September 2016 Illegal Dumpers Beware

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7 September 2016 Illegal Dumpers Beware

Covert surveillance is being introduced in known illegal dumping trouble spots around the Coffs Harbour area to help tackle the problem.

“Council receives regular complaints about illegal dumping from residents, particularly in rural parts of the local government area, so we are going to start using cameras to help crack down on the problem” said Robert Percival, Council’s Group Leader Sustainable Places (Acting).

The majority of complaints relate to bulky goods being placed in unauthorised collection locations, excessively large piles of rubbish and unacceptable items being placed out for collection, such as dangerous goods.

Many complaints are also made regarding bulky goods being placed out on road sides many weeks ahead of the designated collection date.

“Council’s Kerbside Bulky Goods collection is only available to residential premises that pay an annual waste charge for the service,” added Mr Percival. “Bulky goods waste can only be placed at the front of such properties on the Sunday before the designated collection week for that area.

“Any other placement of bulky goods is considered illegal dumping, which carries on-the-spot penalties under the Protection of Environment Operations Act 1997 of up to $2000 for individuals and $4000 for corporations.”

Illegal dumping costs Council money to remove and dispose of the rubbish. There are also costs involved in the investigations to find the culprits.

It is also hazardous to the community and environment as unacceptable or dangerous goods are often dumped such as chemicals, gas bottles, food and soiled clothing. In addition, piles of dumped rubbish result in unsightly litter.

Incidences of illegal dumping can be reported by residents via the Environment Protection Authority’s RID Online and the Hey Tosser​ campaign. Alternatively, people can contact Council’s Waste Services on 6648 4000.

Council adopted a Video Surveillance on Public and Other Lands Policy in November 2015.