3 February 2015 Get the Free MyRoadInfo App

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Swim Between The Flags

Swim Between The Flags

Stay safe at the beach these school holidays by swimming between the red and yellow flags at patrolled beaches...

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Registration of Interest - Water

Council is calling for interested parties to register their interest in obtaining raw water or recycled water for agricultural/irrigation purposes...

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Disaster Revocery

Disaster Recovery

Council is hosting a bushfire recovery meeting on Tuesday, 28 January at 5:30pm in Nana Glen Community Hall...

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Australia Day Nominees 2020

Australia Day 2020

The winners of this year's Australia Day Awards will be revealed on Sunday, 26 Jan at the Botanic Garden at 9am. Meet the Nominees…

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Turtle warning

Nesting Turtles Plea for Care

Plea to public to avoid disturbing turtle nests and rare birds on local beaches by keeping dogs and vehicles away...

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New Beach Patrols

New Beach Patrols for Summer

Jetty Beach will have a trial beach patrol service by Council’s Lifeguards this summer as part of a series of innovations...

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3 February 2015 Get the Free MyRoadInfo App

​ Coffs Harbour motorists can now get a free app to access all local road conditions – and those across the north of NSW - as part of the MyRoadInfo initiative.


The MyRoadInfo website was developed in 2010 as an online information hub listing road closures and delays due to accidents, storms or rising floodwaters.


MyRoadInfo provides updates from councils across northern NSW, and the State Government’s Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), to give residents localised knowledge at their fingertips to help them make sensible decisions on the road.


The app’s most exciting feature - which is not available on the website - is an automatic notification system. Using the ‘favourites’ function, residents are able to nominate up to ten favourite roads and receive automatic notifications should accidents, storms or flooding occur.


“Our number one aim is to get people safely from A to B,” said Mick Raby, Coffs Harbour City Council’s Director Sustainable Infrastructure.


“The website has been very successful, but we realised the next logical step was to create a simple, free app that people could download and have with them at all times.


“We would encourage people to give themselves and their families increased peace of mind by downloading the MyRoadInfo app. It only takes a few minutes to download, but it could save you much more than that down the track.”


You can download the MyRoadInfo app via the App Store for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android devices. Alternatively, go to www.coffsharbour.nsw.gov.au/roadclosures for direct links to the apps.


Always remember - if people or property are at risk, phone the SES immediately on 132 500. If you are in an emergency situation, always phone 000.


In 2014, MyRoadInfo was awarded the Government Communications Australia national award for ‘Best Crisis Communications’.