9 July 2015 Granny Flats Cost Cuts

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9 July 2015 Granny Flats Cost Cuts

Revised plans updating the costs that developers contribute for additional public facilities related to new developments are to go out on exhibition from July 16 2015 to reflect the removal of charges for secondary dwellings – or ‘granny flats’.


At its meeting on June 25 2015, Council resolved to waive the separate Section 64 contributions and charge only the minimum Section 94 contributions that apply across the local government area (LGA) for the construction of secondary dwellings of 60 square metres or less.

The reduction in Section 94 charges varies from $0 in 11 areas where only minimum Section 94 contributions apply, to approximately $4,930 per secondary dwelling for the

remainder of the Coffs Harbour area.


The reduction in Section 64 charges is approximately $7,790 per secondary dwelling in all areas with reticulated water and sewer. The remaining Section 94 contributions payable for secondary dwellings of 60 square metres or less, currently varies between $1,925 and $2,041.


The policy is to be trialled for a two-year period and a report will be brought back to Council after that time to determine whether to continue the policy for a further twelve months.


The reduction in charges will apply for consents granted between July 1 2015 and June 30 2017.


Developer Contribution and Services Plans help fund improvements such as new roads, drainage, cycleways, parks and sports fields that are needed in places where new housing has increased the population – and therefore the need for extra public facilities.


The revised Developer Contributions Plans will be on exhibition for 30 days from Thursday, July 16 2015, until Friday, August 14 2015.


They can be viewed on Council’s website at www.coffsharbour.nsw.gov.au/publicnotices