30 April 2015 Avoid the Line, Don’t Pay the Fine

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Extraordinary Meeting

An extaordinary meeting of Council will be held on Wednesday 29 January 2020...

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Registration of Interest - Water

Council is calling for interested parties to register their interest in obtaining raw water or recycled water for agricultural/irrigation purposes...

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Disaster Revocery

Disaster Recovery

Council is hosting a bushfire recovery meeting on Tuesday, 28 January at 5:30pm in Nana Glen Community Hall...

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Sod Turned

$10 Million to Kick-Start Coffs Harbour Airport Enterprise Park

The first sod has been turned to mark the start of construction of the Coffs Harbour Airport Enterprise Park today after the Coalition Government delivered $10 million for the project...

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Australia Day Nominees 2020

Australia Day 2020

The winners of this year's Australia Day Awards will be revealed on Sunday, 26 Jan at the Botanic Garden at 9am. Meet the Nominees…

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Turtle warning

Nesting Turtles Plea for Care

Plea to public to avoid disturbing turtle nests and rare birds on local beaches by keeping dogs and vehicles away...

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30 April 2015 Avoid the Line, Don’t Pay the Fine

In a first for Coffs Harbour, yellow ‘No Stopping’ lines have been painted along sections of Brunswick Avenue to improve road safety and also to cut the number of road signs.


“This is a trial for the ‘No Stopping’ lines and we’re hoping it will be successful as it will help reduce the clutter and distraction that numerous road signs can create,” said Anne Shearer, Council’s Road Safety and Transport Officer.


“This approach is also more cost effective and more attractive than signage.”


The continuous, or unbroken, yellow lines painted on the road mean No Stopping – even if there is not a sign in place.

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has allowed the use of yellow lines to designate No Stopping zones since 2012.


Under the Australian Road Rules, a driver must not stop on a length of road that has a No Stopping sign or a continuous yellow edge line.


Penalties are $311 and two demerit points in a school zone and $242 in a standard No Stopping zone.


“No Stopping zones are in place for very good road safety reasons – to help improve visibility and access for both drivers and pedestrians,” added Ms Shearer.


“We would urge motorists to please be aware of the changes and avoid parking in the No Stopping zones both to avoid a fine and also for the consideration of other road users.”


During the trial period, which started on Wednesday May 6 and will run for six weeks, Council’s Rangers will be enforcing the No Stopping zone rules.