Revised Community Strategic Plan Highlights Housing Stress

Published on 23 June 2022


Council has endorsed the revised MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan 2032 following extensive consultation with local youth, community leaders and the broader community.

MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan 2032 is the community’s plan. While Council helps to develop and review the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) the NSW government, Federal government, non-government agencies, the private sector and the community all have a role in delivering the plan’s long-term objectives and outcomes.

“Every council in NSW must develop a CSP with the community to set the direction and agenda for the region for the next ten years, as well as capturing the community’s long-term aspirations,” said Sonia Doohan,  Council’s Section Leader Community Planning and Engagement. “The endorsed plan is a reflection of what the Coffs Harbour local government area community has told us.”

Broad consultation was carried out to review the CSP with a community ‘check-in’ between October 2021 and March 2022, which included focus groups, workshops, online forums, surveys and ideas walls. Feedback from the ‘check-in’ was then used to inform the draft MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan 2032 which was placed on public exhibition during May 2022.

“Overall, each round of consultation revealed solid support for the vision, themes and many of the opportunities and challenges captured in the original 2017 CSP - and confirmed that they are still relevant for the next 10 years,” added Ms Doohan. “It also highlighted widespread concern over the need to include housing and housing security as an objective in the CSP – and that has now been included.”

The consultation revealed a range of priorities identified by different sectors.


  • mental health
  • safety
  • access to services
  • local career pathways
  • climate change

Community leaders:

  • mental, social and physical wellbeing
  • the importance of the three levels of government industries and local community sectors working together
  • housing
  • developments improving quality of life
  • managing land use conflicts

The broader community:

  • housing
  • waste management
  • climate change
  • quality of local infrastructure
  • lack of footpaths/cycleways

A copy of the revised and endorsed MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan 2032 will now be published on Council’s website and provided to the NSW Office of Local Government.



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