City of Coffs Harbour Welcomes Exciting 2D Café at Yarrila Place

Published on 14 September 2023


City of Coffs Harbour is delighted to announce the opening of a 2D café, the first of its kind in NSW (outside of bookable themed rooms), in the brand-new Yarrila Place on Gordon Street. This exciting addition promises to be a hub of community activity, offering a unique blend of tasty delights and a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

The café, which is called the 2D Coffee House, has been hand-painted in a 2D monochrome style – leaving only the food and beverages, and patrons, in colour.

The walls, tables and chairs have all been designed and drawn by Mila Nascimentto, a Brazilian-born tattoo artist who has a studio and gallery called Aquarius Arcade in Coffs Harbour.

City of Coffs Harbour Mayor Paul Amos expressed his enthusiasm about the new 2D café, stating, "Yarrila Place is such a unique community building that we wanted it to feature a unique café as well.

“The 2D café will be an amazing and welcoming space – whether that’s as a meeting place for friends prior to a visit to Yarrila Arts and Museum, or as a convenient lunch spot for families after an outing to the new Harry Bailey Memorial Library.

“It’s been wonderful to partner with some amazing local talent to get this unique café up and running. I’m sure it will make an impression when we open it up on Saturday.”


The grand opening of Yarrila Place, and the 2D Coffee House, will happen at 10am on 16 September 2023. We hope to see you there! 


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