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Green Waste

Free Green Waste Drop Off

Coffs Harbour residents wishing to help protect their properties from potential bushfires...

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Business Incentives

Business & Development Incentives

Coffs Harbour City Council offers a range of incentive to businesses to help grow the local economy...

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Find out information about major projects we have underway and ones we have recently completed...

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Council is Crowned a Champion of Sports

Council has another trophy to add to the cabinet after last night being named Local Council of the Year at the NSW Champion of Sports Awards run by Sport NSW...

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Jetty4Shores Project Wins Another Peak State Planning Prize

Coffs Harbour’s Jetty4Shores Project has been recognised once again for planning excellence at the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) NSW Awards 2019...

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Coffs Coast Tourism a Clear Winner

Coffs Coast tourism operators, attractions and promoters were centre stage at last night’s 2019 State Tourism Awards coming away with a total of nine awards...

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Council Attendance Register

The council attendance register shows the attendance of Councillors at required events such as council meetings, committee meetings, briefings and training sessions. 

The below register is for October 2018 - September 2019 (as at 22 July 2019).


​Type of Event​Held​Attended​%
​Council Meetings​13​12​92%
​Council Briefings​3127​87%
​Australia Day and Special Events Committee​6583%
Cultural Reference Group​0​0​na
​Library and Gallery Planning Advisory Group​3​3100%
​Multicultural Reference Group​5240%
​Performance Review Panel - General Manager11100%
​CBD Masterplan Committee65​83%
​Coffs Harbour Airport Emergency and Security Committee​2​2​100%
​Local Emergency Management Committee (As Observer)​0​0​na
Northern Regional Planning Panel 00na
​Training Sessions​0​0​na



​Type of Event​Held​Attended​%
​Council Meetings ​13​11​85%
​Council Briefings​31​310%
​Koala Plan of Management Advisory Committee​2​0​0%
​Mid North Coast Regional Arts Board​2​2​100%
​Training Sessions​0​0​na



​Type of Event​Held​Attended​%
​Council Meetings​13​12​92%
​Council Briefings​31​12​39%
​Airport Focus Group (delegated from the mayor)​5​480%
​Training Sessions​0​0​na



​Type of Event​Held​Attended​%
​Council Meetings​1312​92%
​Council Briefings31​13​42%
​Audit and Risk Committee​4​1​25%
​Training Sessions​0​0​na



​Type of Event​Held​Attended​%
​Council Meetings​13​13​100%
​Council Briefings​31​21​68%
​Access Advisory Committee​7​5​71%
​Library and Gallery Planning Advisory Group​3​267%
​Yandaarra Aboriginal Consultative Committee​3​2​67%
​Floodplain Risk Management Committee​21​50%
​Coast and Estuary Management Advisory Committee2150%
​Koala Plan of Management Advisory Committee​2​2​100%
​Environmental Levy Grants Program Committee​22​100%
​Mid North Coast Bush Fire Management Committee22​100%
​Training Sessions11100%



​Type of EventHeld​Attended%
​Council Meetings1313​100%
​Council Briefings3124​77%
​Destination Coffs Coast Committee4375%
​Coastal & Estuary Management Advisory Committee​2​15​0%
​Performance Review Panel General Manager​1​1100%
​Solitary Islands Marine Park Advisory Committee​0​0​na
​Training Sessions​2​2100%



​Type of EventHeld​Attended​%
​Council Meetings​13​10​77%
​Council Briefings3117​55%
​Floodplain Risk Management Committee​2​2​100%
​Local Traffic Committee​0​0na
Northern Regional Planning Panel - Alternate​0​0​na
​Coffs Coast Regional Park Trust​2​150%
​Training Sessions​22​100%



​Type of Event​Held​Attended​%
​Council Meetings​13​13​100%
​Council Briefings​3121​68%
​Australia Day and Special Events Committee5​0​0%
​Performance Review Panel General Manager11100%
Northern Regional Planning Panel ​0​0na
​Coffs Coast Regional Park Trust2​1​50%
​Agricultural Advisory Committee​2​1​​50%
​Training Sessions​0​0​na