Pending and Awarded Tenders

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STILL entries now open

Still: National Still Life Award

Entries for the 2019 award have now opened...

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Swim Between The Flags

Swim Between The Flags

Stay safe at the beach this summer by swimming between the red and yellow flags at patrolled beaches...

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Build the Best Bypass

Build the Best Bypass

Coffs Harbour City Council is committed to doing everything we can to ensure the best bypass is built to meet the needs of our community...

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Latest News

STILL 2019

Go MAD – and Make a Difference

Local schools and childcare centres are being encouraged to apply for a MAD Green Grant to help them ‘Make a Difference’ to the environment...

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Coffs Harbour Boast Ramp

Andrew Fraser ‘Ignorant of Facts’ over Boat Ramp Claims

Repeated claims by retiring State Member Andrew Fraser that Coffs Harbour City Council diverted funds intended for improvements at the boat ramp in order to fund roadworks along Jordan Esplanade are completely incorrect...

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Arcitect Appointed

Architect from Coffs Selected for Cultural Space Design

Architectural firm BVN have won the contract to design Coffs Harbour’s new Cultural and Civic Space in the CBD....

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Pending and Awarded Tenders

​In accordance with the provisions of Part 7 of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2005 the following tenderers, listed in alphabetical order, submitted offers for the following contracts. The outcome of the Tender process is also advised following either approval from the General Manager (under Delegated Authority) or by Resolution of Council: 



Date Closing: 31 July 2018


Date Closing: 31 July 2018


Date Closing: 7 August 2018


​Date Closed: 29 May 2018 (Awarded)

  1. APP Corporation Pty Limited
  2. Coffey Services Australia Pty Ltd
  3. ENESOL (Winning Tender)
  4. GHD Pty Ltd
  5. Wildara Australia Pty Limited

Date Closed: 22 May 2018 (Awarded - most Tenders accepted for Panel Contract)

  1. A & K McIntyre Pty Ltd
  2. AMW Transport Pty Ltd
  3. Arbpro Pty Ltd
  4. Atigram Pty Ltd
  5. Blaizes Earthworx Pty Ltd
  6. Blanch Earthmoving Pty Limited
  7. Civilnett Pty Limited
  8. Coates Hire Operations Pty Limited
  9. Coffs Coast Civil Pty Ltd
  10. Coffs Coast Water Cartage
  11. Conplant Pty Ltd
  12. Crampo's Tippers Pty Ltd
  13. D Walter Plumbing (Aust) Pty Ltd
  14. DJ & CA Atkinson Pty Ltd
  15. Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd
  16. Doyle Civil Pty Ltd
  17. DT & KB Gray
  18. Eastern Dorrigo Slashing
  19. EB & DE Bunt Pty Ltd
  20. English Cranes Pty Ltd
  21. Ernie Burnett Plumbing Pty Ltd
  22. Espedan Pty Ltd
  23. Ezyquip Hire Pty Ltd
  24. Fenech Group Pty Ltd
  25. Fortade Earthmoving Pty Ltd
  26. Hunternet
  27. J & L Bowen P/L
  28. J & P Cranes (NSW) t/as Coffs City Cranes
  29. John Lacey Earthmoving
  30. KBS Mackay Pty Limited
  31. Keegan Civil Pty Ltd
  32. Kennards Hire Pty Ltd
  33. Kingston Industries
  34. Mal Keough Earthmoving Pty Ltd
  35. Master Hire Pty Ltd
  36. Mid North Coast Contractors Pty Ltd
  37. Mifsud Excavations & Earthmoving P/L
  38. Mitchbrook Construction
  39. Northpipe Constructions Pty Ltd
  40. Onsite Rental Group Operations Pty Ltd
  41. Peter Rowan Pty Ltd
  42. Phil Robinson Earthmoving
  43. Pilbara Truck Hire Pty Ltd
  44. R & M Earthmoving Pty Ltd
  45. RJ & CM Tate Pty Ltd
  46. Rollers Australia Pty Ltd
  47. S & K Grady Pty Ltd
  48. Serendip Holdings (NSW) Pty Ltd
  49. Solo Resource Recovery
  50. Specialised Pavement Services Pty Ltd
  51. Stabilised Pavements of Australia (SPA)
  52. Troy ODoherty Earthmoving Pty Ltd
  53. Universal Mobile Tower Hire

​Date Closed: 28 November 2017 (Awarded - some Tenders accepted for Panel Contract)

  1. ARC Attack Fabrications
  2. All Metal Fabrications Coffs Pty Ltd
  3. RT Welding Pty Ltd
  4. United Pacific Engineering Pty Ltd

​Date Closed: 27 February 2018 (Awarded)

  1. Antem Pty Limited
  2. Fenech Group Pty Ltd (Winning Tender)
  3. Interflow Pty Ltd
  4. TCD Civil Construction Ltd
  5. Veolia Water Network Services Pty Ltd

​Date Closed: 6 March 2018 (Awarded)

  1. A & S Claughton  (Winning Tender)
  2. Level Projects Pty Ltd

​Date Closed: 6 March 2018 (Awarded)

  1. PKN Constructions Pty Ltd
  2. A & S Claughton  (Winning Tender)

​Date Closed: 13 March 2018 (Awarded - most Tenders accepted for Panel Contract)

  1. Arura Constructions
  2. Ameidat Pty Limited (Winning Tender for Muswellbrook Project)
  3. DJ McCormick Contractors
  4. Jones Group (NSW) Pty Ltd
  5. Ledonne Constructions Pty Ltd
  6. Maxibor Australia
  7. Midcoast Under Road Boring Pty Ltd
  8. Openshore Pty Ltd
  9. P & TS Group Pty Ltd
  10. Pro Drill Australia
  11. Riverina Horizontal Boring Pty Ltd

​Date Closed: 17 April 2018 (Awarded)

  1. Spirac Pty Ltd (Winning Tender)

​Date Closed: 17 April 2018 (Awarded)

  1. Claude Outdoor Pty Ltd (Winning Tender)
  2. Ooh Media Assets Pty Limited
  3. Sidewinder Advertising Pty Ltd

​Date Closed: 31 October 2017 (All Offers Rejected)

  1. Any Entertainment
  2. Blackbox Australia
  3. Kirsty Fikkers
  4. JLE Entertainment

​Closed 14 November 2017 (Awarded - all Tenders accepted for Panel Contract)

  1. AJ Pipelines & Constructions Pty Ltd
  2. Coffs Coast Under Road Boring
  3. Leddonne Constructions Pty Ltd
  4. Tunnel Boring Australia

​Date Closed: 7 November 2017 (Awarded - Selected Tenders accepted for Panel Contract)

  1. A & S Claughton
  2. A J Bennett & V Skewes t/as B & S Property Management
  3. All Areas Demolition Excavation
  4. All Metal Fabrications Coffs Pty Ltd
  5. Allied Air Conditioning & Refridgeration
  6. Antem Pty Limited t/as Hydro Digga
  7. Aqua Assets Pty Ltd
  8. Aqualift Project Delivery Pty Ltd
  9. Arbpro Tree Specialists
  10. B & K Revegetation & Landscaping
  11. Cable & Pipe Locations
  12. Cable & Pipe Search
  13. Cemak Constructions Pty Limited
  14. Chubb
  15. Coffs City Lockmart Pty Ltd
  16. Coffs Harbour Demolitions
  17. Coffs Harbour Fencing
  18. Coffs Harbour Horticulture Services
  19. Drilled Foundations
  20. Emerald Gates and Fencing Pty Limited
  21. Faircloth and Reynolds
  22. FJE & J Farlow
  23. Green Leisure Group Pty Ltd t/as Andreasens Green
  24. Harbour Arbor Professional Tree Services
  25. Hazmat Services Pty Ltd
  26. Little Green Truck Coffs Coast
  27. Michael Crawley t/as Boambee Home Improvements
  28. Midcoast Piling and Drilling Pty Ltd
  29. Millen Pipe Relining
  30. Phoenix Foundry Pty Ltd
  31. Seawade Pty Ltd t/as Essential Safety Protection
  32. Stone and Tile Projects Pty Ltd
  33. TFH Hire Services Pty Ltd
  34. Tony Gordon Septic and Grease Trap Cleaning Service
  35. Turf Renos Pty Limited
  36. Warren Roberts
  37. Waspindustries Pty Ltd
  38. Wilhelm Edward Rieder t/as Rieder Engineering
  39. Woodvale Tree Services Pty Ltd

​Date Closed: 20 February 2018 (Awarded)

  1. AJ Pipelines & Constructions Pty Ltd
  2. Ryan Earthmoving (Winning Tender)
  3. Valley Earthworks Pty Ltd

​Date Closed: 13 February 2018 (Awarded)

  1. A & S Claughton
  2. Level Projects Pty Ltd (Winning Tender)

Date Closed: 23 January 2018 (All offers rejected. Project not proceeding at this time.)

  1. Bob Chambers Pty Ltd
  2. Lipman Pty Ltd

​Date closed: 30th January 2018 (Awarded)

  1. Faircloth & Reynolds
  2. FM Glenn Pty Ltd
  3. F & SJ Maione Pty Ltd (Winning Tender)
  4. RMR Holdings Pty Ltd

Date Closed: 9 January 2018 (Awarded) 

  1. Integrity Testing Pty Ltd
  2. Luxmoore Parking and Safety
  3. Neilly Davis & Partners Pty Ltd
  4. Pitt & Sherry (Winning Tender)
  5. SMEC Holdings Limited

​Date Closed: 12th Dec, 2017 (Awarded)

  1. APP Corporation Pty Ltd (Winning Tender)
  2. Acadis Australia Pacific Pty Ltd
  3. Case Meallin (QLD) Pty Ltd
  4. Coffey Projects (Australia) Pty Ltd
  5. G and K Construction Services Pty Ltd
  6. McNally Management Pty Ltd
  7. NS Projects Pty Ltd
  8. PriceWaterHouse Coopers
  9. Principal Project Management
  10. Project & Development Services Pty Ltd
  11. Public Works Advisory
  12. Savills Project Management Pty Ltd

​Date Closed: 5 December 2017 (Awarded)

  1. AJ Pipelines & Construction
  2. Lipman Pty Ltd (Winning Tender)
  3. O'Donnell & Hanlon Pty Ltd

​Date Closed:  21st November, 2017 (Awarded)

  1. Epsom Environmental Services
  2. EESI Contracting Pty Ltd
  3. Dredging Solutions Pty Ltd
  4. Conhur Pty Ltd
  5. Arkwood (Gloucester) Pty Ltd (Winning Tender)

​Date Closed: 14 November 2017 (Awarded - all Tenders accepted for Panel Contract)

  1. Blay Building & Design Pty Ltd
  2. D.K.M. Ceiling and Partitions
  3. F & S Maione Pty Ltd
  4. Syncro Build
  5. Warren Roberts Building & Carpentry

Date Closed: 24 October 2017 (All offers rejected. Project cancelled)

  1. ABC Brick Sales
  2. Glory Marble & Granite
  3. SAI Sandstone
  4. Sam the Paving Man Pty Ltd
  5. Stone and Tile Projects Pty Ltd
  6. Wilmid Pty Ltd