Charities and not-for-profit food safety requirements

Charities and not-for-profit organisations which sell food for fundraising purposes are still considered to be food businesses and need to comply with food safety requirements. 

While not-for-profit organisations are exempt from appointing a Food Safety Supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring all food safety requirements are followed. For factsheets, guidelines and access to free training see the food safety inspections and resources page.

Notify us of food business

Are you exempt from notifying us?

You do not need to notify us if the food you are selling: 

  • does not require temperature control (e.g. a cakes and preserves stall), or 
  • is to be consumed immediately after cooking (e.g. a sausage sizzle).

Step 1.Notify us

If you are not exempt you must notify us of your organisation's details using the online form below.

Notification of Food Business Form

Registered non-for-profit groups do not have to pay fees.

See ASIC's Steps for registering a not-for-profit or charitable organisation

Step 2.What happens next?

You will receive a letter from us confirming notification for your organisation. Once this is received you may start operating.