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Scores on Doors for Business

​​​Scores on Doors rates a food business' compliance with hygiene and food safety requirements and is for restaurants, cafes, takeaways, bakeries, pub bistros and clubs.


Scores on Doors rates a food business’ compliance with hygiene and food safety requirements and is for restaurants, cafés, takeaways, bakeries, pub bistros and clubs. It makes the results of Council’s existing mandatory inspections visible to your customers and creates more consistency for your inspections, as Council uses a standardised inspection checklist.

Scores on Doors is an opportunity to better promote your business and does not require any additional inspections or costs. At the end of the routine food safety inspections by your local Council, each business in participating local government areas will receive a score and, if the score is sufficient, be offered a certificate showing its star rating. This certificate can be displayed in a prominent, public position such as in the front window and can give you a point of difference from your competitors.


​Scores on Doors is for NSW businesses that process and sell food which is ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous (that is, it requires temperature control) and for immediate consumption. The program is not intended for supermarkets; delicatessens or greengrocers; low risk food premises or businesses that serve pre-packaged food such as service stations and convenience stores; temporary markets; mobile food vending vehicles; or businesses that hold a NSW Food Authority licence and are separately audited, such as butchers.


As part of the business's regulatory inspection, Council officers will use a standardised Food Premises Assessment Report (or FPAR) to determine the business’s level of compliance with food safety standards. The inspection involves a physical check of the structure and cleanliness of the business but also includes officers talking with the food handlers and observing food handling and storage practices. The FPAR is then completed as applicable, and the points system is used to determine the hygiene and food safety score and the Scores on Doors rating (see table below).

Depending on the result, the business may be eligible for a certificate that can be displayed within your business.

If a food business has any level of certificate (3*4* or 5*), it means there were no critical breaches found during the inspection. Critical breaches of food standards result in ‘No grade’ and no certificate will be issued to such businesses. These businesses will be subject to Councils regulatory enforcement processes until such time as a satisfactory level of compliance is achieved.

Scores Ratings

Certificates will be provided at the time of the inspection. The display of certificates is not compulsory however if you do not display your certificate the public may believe that there are poor hygiene standards on site.

Council will be publishing the 5*, 4* and 3* ratings via Scores on Doors Australia.

With effect from late 2017, the scores on Doors website will also feature businesses that did not achieve the minimum standards required.

Residents and visitors in Coffs Harbour are encouraged to download the Scores on Doors apps from the website so they are able to check if a premises has a hygiene rating before they choose where to eat.


Scores on Doors can be a marketing advantage for businesses that comply with food safety legislation. Displaying a "Scores on Doors' certificate can provide a point of difference from competitors.

Customers can easily see the business has qualified for a score when they visit Scores on Doors or via the App. They will know that a business with any level of certification was free from critical hygiene and food safety issues at the time of the inspection.

As a business owner you can promote your score on your website and in your marketing.


​Hygiene and food safety inspections will be using a standard checklist called the Food Premises Assessment Report (or FPAR).The checklist is based on requirements in the Food Standards Code. The checklist covers:

  • general items: that you appointed a trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS); have an FSS certificate on the premises; and that food handlers have skills and knowledge to handle food safely

  • food handling controls: storage; display and transport; processing; the risk of cross-contamination

  • cleaning and sanitising, hand washing and proximity of facilities

  • food temperature control

  • pest control

  • premises design and construction: water supply; disposal; adequate and safe garbage facilities; lighting; and

  • food labelling: accurate and sufficient.

After the council officer completes the inspection checklist, points are tallied and a score is assigned.

Every business should be able to get the top score. Follow these steps:

1. Do a self-check

Council officers will use this change Link to the FPAR (copy attached)  to undertake your inspection. A self help checklist based on the FPAR, has been developed by council officers to help you assess how well you are doing and identify where improvements could be made.

2. Common Issues

Make sure you have addressed the 5 most common issues found by council officers.

Factsheet: How to get a higher rating

3. Request a review of your current rating and re-inspection of your current rating.

  • You can request a re-inspection by completing Scores on Doors Rating Review Request.

  • The request must be received by Council within 14 days of the inspection.

  • A request for a re-inspection to review a business's current score will incur a fee. Please refer to Councils fees and charges

  • A re-inspection of the business will be unannounced and will occur within 3 months of application. This inspection will be a full inspection.

  • No re-rating will be carried out at follow up compliance inspections.

  • If a rating review request is not received within 14 days Council will publish the business details on the Scores on Doors website as per normal procedure.