Coffs Harbour Local Growth Management Strategy

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Swim Between The Flags

Swim Between The Flags

Stay safe at the beach these school holidays by swimming between the red and yellow flags at patrolled beaches...

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Registration of Interest - Water

Council is calling for interested parties to register their interest in obtaining raw water or recycled water for agricultural/irrigation purposes...

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Disaster Revocery

Disaster Recovery

Council is hosting a bushfire recovery meeting on Tuesday, 28 January at 5:30pm in Nana Glen Community Hall...

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Australia Day Nominees 2020

Australia Day 2020

The winners of this year's Australia Day Awards will be revealed on Sunday, 26 Jan at the Botanic Garden at 9am. Meet the Nominees…

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Turtle warning

Nesting Turtles Plea for Care

Plea to public to avoid disturbing turtle nests and rare birds on local beaches by keeping dogs and vehicles away...

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New Beach Patrols

New Beach Patrols for Summer

Jetty Beach will have a trial beach patrol service by Council’s Lifeguards this summer as part of a series of innovations...

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Coffs Harbour Local Growth Management Strategy

Coffs Harbour City Council currently has a Local Growth Management Strategy (LGMS) which provides for a planned release of land within the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA) to 2031:

This Strategy is currently being revised and updated to achieve the community's aspirations for Coffs Harbour as it grows into a regional city by supporting effective and integrated planning across the LGA to 2040.

The revised LGMS will replace Council's existing LGMS, and will guide how and where growth will occur in the Coffs Harbour LGA over the next 20 years, in ways that continue to protect Coffs Harbour's unique environment, and balance different land uses and development interests. The revised LGMS builds on the strategic priorities of the former Department of Planning and Environment's North Coast Regional Plan 2036.

The LGMS will address the growing and changing needs of housing, rural lands, industrial, commercial, and infrastructure land use in separate, but related Chapters (previously known as Strategies).

Chapters 1 to 4 - Strategic Approach 

The Chapters 1 to 4 of the LGMS outlines the vision, directions and actions for urban development through the 'Compact City Program'. A Compact City supports higher residential density with mixed land uses, based on an efficient public transport system and urban layout, which encourages walking and cycling, low energy consumption and reduced pollution. This chapter includes how Council will deliver the Compact City Program through a 'Placemaking Framework'.

Chapter 5 - Rural Lands

This Chapter is being developed to include a range of directions and actions to guide rural land use planning and policy across the LGA.

This Chapter will include guidance, directions and actions to facilitate diversification of rural economic activities, protect important farmland, manage land use conflict, whilst supporting the natural environmental values of rural lands.

Chapter 6 - Large Lot Residential Lands

This Chapter is being developed to ensure that Council can facilitate the delivery of well-planned large lot residential housing in areas that are not located in the coastal area.

This chapter identifies large lot residential lands in appropriate areas across the LGA, while still delivering viable agriculture, and supporting the natural environmental values of rural areas.

Chapter 7 - Residential Lands

This Chapter will present a vision about meeting the growing and changing housing needs of the Coffs Harbour LGA's current and future communities to 2040.

This Chapter will provide guidance about how Council can facilitate the delivery of a greater housing supply, increase housing diversity and choice, and explore how Council can work with government agencies and housing providers to deliver more opportunities for affordable housing across the LGA.

Chapter 8 - Employment and Business Lands

This Chapter will present an approach to ensure a range of future development employment land is available in the Coffs Harbour LGA, in order to retain and promote employment and economic growth for the region.

This Chapter will provide guidance, directions and actions about future land use decision making, and facilitate renewal of employment land to attract business or industry investment.

It is expected that the LGMS Chapters will be finalised throughout 2020.

Chapters under public exhibition can be found on Council's Have Your Say page.