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Cultural Civic Space

Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space

Coffs Harbour City Council has released a preliminary Schematic Design for the proposed Cultural and Civic Space...

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Build the Best Bypass

Build the Best Bypass

Coffs Harbour City Council is committed to doing everything we can to ensure the best bypass is built to meet the needs of our community...

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STILL entries now open

Still: National Still Life Award

Entries for the 2019 award have now opened...

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MAD Grants

Going MAD and Making a Difference

There was intense competition for this year’s MAD Green Grants for schools and childcare centres and 14 were successful in their bids to get funds for local environmental projects...

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Solar Power Extravaganza

A Festival of Solar to explore the latest opportunities in residential solar power, electric vehicles, battery banks and future power options is being held on Saturday, June 1...

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Botanic Garden

Celebrate Botanic Gardens Day

Coffs Harbour has a fantastic and fascinating Botanic Garden and on May 26 it will be celebrating Botanic Gardens Day with a packed programme of events and workshops...

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Coffs Harbour Local Growth Management Strategy

Coffs Harbour City Council currently has a Local Growth Management Strategy (LGMS) which provides for a planned release of land within the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA) to 2031:

This Strategy is currently being revised and updated to achieve the community's aspirations for Coffs Harbour as it grows into a regional city by supporting effective and integrated planning across the LGA to 2036.

These current updates relate to four separate projects:

1. Local Growth Management Strategy - Strategic Approach Chapters 1-4

The LGMS is being updated to read as one comprehensive strategy of related land use chapters, which respond to the actions and directions of the NSW North Coast Regional Plan 2036.

The "Strategic Approach Chapters 1-4" details how Coffs Harbour will grow into a Regional City based on the community's aspirations derived from the My Coffs Community Strategic Plan, and additional community engagement events facilitated as part of this review project.

The Strategic Approach Chapters comprise of a population analysis, housing supplying and demand analysis, preffered growth model, and delivery of the preferred growth model.

Further information on the progress of this review can be found here.

2. Rural Lands - Chapter 5

The Rural Lands Chapter explores diversity of land uses competing for rural land resources, and identifies how people are using rural lands.

The Rural Lands Chapter outlines a range of actions to guide rural land use planning and policy across the LGA.

These actions propose how Council can facilitate land use changes, develop evidence and data collection, work with state government and industry groups, and improve communications to assist new and existing rural communities living in rural environments.

Further information on the progress of this Chapter can be found here.

3. Large Lot Residential Lands - Chapter 6

The Large Lot Residential Chapter 6 has been developed to ensure that Council can facilitate the delivery of well-planned large lot residential housing in areas that are not located in the coastal area.

This Chapter considers the future of large lot residential lands in appropriate areas across the LGA, while still delivering viable agriculture, and supporting the natural environmental values of rural areas.

Further information on the progress of this Chapter can be found here.

4. Residential Lands - Chapter 7

The Residential Chapter involves assessing land within all residential zones across the LGA. The residential lands chapter will present a vision about meeting the growing and changing housing needs of Coffs Harbour current and future communities to 2036.

This Chapter will provide guidance about how Council can facilitate the delivery of a greater housing supply, increase housing diversity and choice, and explore how Council can work with government agencies and housing providers to deliver more opportunities for affordable housing across the LGA.

Further information on the progress of this Chapter can be found here.