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Liquid Trade Waste

Coffs Harbour Water, in conjunction with Coffs Harbour City Council, is responsible for providing and managing water supply, sewerage & liquid trade waste services for the public. An important part of those responsibilities is the approval & monitoring of liquid trade waste discharges to the sewerage system.

One of Council's Sewer Pump Stations. 

What is Liquid Trade Waste?

Liquid Trade Waste means any liquid, and any substances contained in it, which may be produced at the premises from an industrial or commercial activity. This excludes domestic waste from a hand basin, shower, bath or toilet from a residential premises or generated by persons using domestic fixtures at the workplace. Due to its concentration levels, liquid trade waste may require pre-treatment prior to being discharged into the sewerage system.

Why is Liquid Trade Waste Important?

Sewerage systems are generally designed to cater for waste from domestic sources that are essentially of predictable strength and quality. However, trade waste by comparison may exert greater demands on sewerage systems and, if uncontrolled, may harm public health, worker safety, the environment and the city's sewerage system.

There are many substances which may harm the environment, public health or the sewer system. The more we keep out of the sewerage system, the better it is for the environment. Certain substances are prohibited from sewer.

Do I Need Approval To Put Liquid Trade Waste Into Council's Sewerage System?

A restaurant is an example of a Trade Waste generator.               A laundry is an example of a Trade Waste generator.

Yes. Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 states that a person must obtain the prior approval of Coffs Harbour Water for sewerage connections and the discharge of trade waste to sewer. Coffs Harbour City Council has adopted a Trade Waste Policy that identifies the requirements that must be met by the business community in respect to liquid trade waste.

If you intend to conduct a business activity that generates liquid trade waste, you will first need to submit a Trade Waste Application Form, attach all requested information and be granted an approval before discharging any liquid trade waste.

Examples of some industries that generate liquid trade waste are laundries, restaurants, butchers, food processors, metal finishers, service stations and chemical manufacturers.

Before proceeding with an Application, please review the Trade Waste Policy and current Council Fees and Charges. It is also recommended you contact Coffs Harbour Water's Liquid Trade Waste Officers for a pre-application consultation. 

By controlling trade waste discharges, Coffs Harbour Water, together with its customers, is helping to protect the environment, public health and reduce sewerage operating and maintenance costs for ratepayers.

For further information contact Coffs Harbour Water's Liquid Trade Waste Officers on (02) 6648 4000.

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