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Coffs Harbour Coastal Zone Management Plan


NSW Coastal Management Reforms

On 13 November 2015, the NSW Government took a major next step in its coastal management reforms by releasing a draft framework for coastal management for public consultation. 

Find out more here.

Prior to the NSW Government's  release of its draft framework, Council had prepared its own Coastal Zone Management Plan. See below for information on the stages in the development of the Plan and related documents.

Coastal Zone Management Plan

Council at its meeting of the 14th of February 2013 adopted the Coffs Harbour Coastal Zone Management Plan.
The NSW Government Guidelines for preparing a Coastal Zone Management Plan include the following stages:
Stage 1: Identify hazards/management issues and their severity
Stage 2: Identify and evaluate management options
Stage 3: Propose management actions and an implementation schedule

Council has completed Stage 1 - the Coffs Harbour Coastal Processes and Hazard Definition Study. The Study identified the likelihood of hazards occurring, such as beach erosion, coastal inundation and the impacts of sea level rise on these hazards by 2100.

Council is currently progressing through Stages 2 and 3 — investigating all potential options for managing coastal hazards. Consultation by Council with the community occurred during March 2012, to present the benefits and trade-offs of the options and gauge the community's preferences for the options.


The Preliminary Draft Report from Stage 2 - containing the results of the risk assessment exercise and the proposed management options. The Report was prepared by BMT WBM Pty Ltd consultants.


See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.


Coastal Zone Management Study
Coastal Zone Management Study Section 1-4
Coastal Zone Management Study Section 5-7
Coastal Zone Management Study Appendix A-E


Appendix E-Erosion and Inundation Risk Maps
Erosion Risk Maps Imm_2050_2100 Pebbly Beach to Corindi Beach
Erosion Risk Maps Imm_2050_2100 Corindi Beach South to Hearnes Lake Beach
Erosion Risk Maps Imm_2050_2100 Sandy Beach to Sapphire Beach
Erosion Risk Maps Imm_2050_2100 Campbells Beach to Boambee Beach South
Erosion Risk Maps Imm_2050_2100 Boambee Creek to Bundagen Head
Inundation Risk Maps Imm_2050_2100 Station Creek to Woolgoolga
Inundation Risk Maps Imm_2050_2100 Fiddamans Creek to Boambee Creek
Inundation Risk Maps Imm_2050_2100 Boambee to Bundagen Head