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Draft Rural Lands Strategy
In 2014, Council commenced a review of its Local Growth Management Strategy. One of the outcomes of this review was to prepare a Rural Lands Strategy to resolve issues associated with rural land uses in the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area (LGA).

In recent decades, continual pressure to change land uses and develop rural land has seen a significant shift in how it is being used, leading to conflict and uncertainty about the future of rural land.
The aim of a revised Rural Lands Strategy (RLS) is to take such pressures and associated impacts on traditional farming, rural communities and related industries into consideration. The revised Strategy will also guide the future of rural land in the Coffs Harbour LGA.
Phase 1 of the RLS has involved intensive engagement with the wider community and key stakeholders to better understand the relevant issues for each group and to ensure all matters of interest have been captured. A series of workshops were held in March 2016 in the villages of Coramba, Woolgoolga and Bonville to engage with the community and seek feedback on the range of issues associated with rural land uses. The outcome of these workshops has been incorporated into the draft Issues and Options Discussion Paper (henceforth to be known as ‘the draft Discussion Paper’).

Consultants, Edge Land Planning prepared a draft Discussion Paper which has identified key trends and issues relating to the management and utilisation of rural lands. The draft Discussion Paper, draft Background Report and Community Workshop Outcomes were endorsed by Council for public exhibition at its meeting of 14 July 2016 and subsequently exhibited from 20 July 2016 until 19 August 2016. These documents can be viewed below:
The submissions received for Phase 1 of the RLS are currently being reviewed and will be presented to Council for consideration in due course.