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Water Metering and Bills

Water Meter installed on front boundary of property  Coffs Harbour Water Account

Paying for the Water You Use

A water meter is a measuring device connected to your water service which Coffs Harbour Water read approximately every 3 months to calculate how much water has been used at a property. 

Water Accounts are then issued in the name of the property owner(s).

Water Accounts

Who's Responsible for the Water Meter?

The water meter on your property is a shared responsibility between the property owner and Coffs Harbour Water.

Water Meter Ownership

New Water Meter Services 

All new water meter services require the completion of a 'Water Service Agreement' signed by the property owner and a licensed plumber. In cases where the applicant is not the owner, a signed statement from the current property owner is required.

The following should be noted when applying for a new water service:

  • The agreement is considered as a binding agreement.
  • The service is subject to all conditions on the agreement.
  • A clear adequate diagram showing the required location of the water meter is required.
  • New services are to be adequately protected.  Please Note: The cost of any repairs for damaged service is the property owner's responsibility.
  • All meters remain the property of Coffs Harbour Water.
  • Other conditions as per agreement.

 Water Service Agreement

If you would like more information about connecting a new water service, please contact Coffs Harbour Water on (02) 6648 4000 during business hours.

More Information 

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