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Applications for Plumbing and Drainage

The Form

Carry Out Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage Works and/or OSSM Works

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Once an application has been submitted to Council for sanitary plumbing and drainage work the licensed plumber engaged to carry out the work is required to submit a range of documents to Council.  The following documents must be submitted within the specified time period:

Before Work Starts Your Plumber Must Submit:

  • Notice of Work – Plumbing and Drainage – This notice must be completed by the licensed plumber and drainer, and submitted at least two days prior to commencing work.  It must be submitted with or after submitting the Council form. (The NSW Fair Trading form is included below but also within our form. Make sure your plumber fills in the commencement date. The sewerage/water service inspection fees on this form are not applicable within our local government area.)

When Work Is Completed

  • Certificate of Compliance – Plumbing and Drainage Work (.pdf 285KB) - This notice must be completed and signed by the licensed plumber and drainer, and submitted within 2 days of completing the works.  (Click on the link above to download a copy of the form)
  • Sewer Service Diagram (Not required for OSSM) – This diagram must be submitted with the Certificate of Compliance when any sewerage work has been carried out.  The Sewer Service Diagram must be submitted in accordance with the approved format in either A3 or A4 size (the templates below are from NSW Fair Trading).

Although there are no fees associated with the submission of the above notices or the sewage service diagram.  The documentation provides an important record of the completed works and details of the responsible plumber.  The documentation is also widely sought in association with property sale, planning for alterations and additions and most importantly undertaking investigation work to assist with system failures. 

The failure to submit the required documentation may result in the commencement of compliance and enforcement action being taken against the approval holder and the responsible plumber.

About booking inspections

Council will not accept a booking request unless you have supplied a Notice of Works and an application.

Inspection booking requests and the submission of a Notice of works, a Certificate of Compliance and a Sewer Services Diagram are mandatory requirements. Failure to comply with the approval is an offence under the Local Government Act, the Plumbing and Drainage Act and associated Regulations and may result in compliance action, including fines.

Inspection booking requests must be submitted to Council a minimum of 24 hours prior to the required inspection time.  Inspections will generally be accepted as either an AM booking (10.30am to 12.30pm) or a PM booking (1.30PM to 3.30PM) with inspections undertaken Monday to Friday. 

Inspection bookings must be submitted for the following works prior to covering or backfilling:

  • All external drainage including the point of connection to Councils sewer
  • All drainage (internal and external) including trade waste
  • Work that did not comply with an earlier inspection
  • Sealing of disused services (water and sewer)
  • Any work relating to the installation or modification of an on-site sewage management system
  • The effluent disposal field associated with an on-site sewage management system
  • Final inspection at the completion of work and prior to premises being occupied

Council’s inspecting officer will make contact and advise in the event that an inspection booking request will not be undertaken.