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Best Practice Waste Management


The three bin system we use in Coffs Harbour is recognised as the NSW best practice waste management system for the type, size and collection frequency of household bins.

Use of this system since 2005  has contributed to making our city become the number one recycler in NSW[1]. While we are doing a great job at recycling and reducing our waste to landfill, there is still much that we can do to become a zero waste community.

Reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill and recycling as much as we can makes good sense for our environment, our community, schools, homes and workplaces. 

A few simple changes to the way we do things on a daily basis can have a huge impact on our environment.

What can you do at home?

One of the best ways we can help reduce our waste is through sustainable purchasing. Just one weekly shopping trip can generate up to 60 items of non-recycling packaging.  Look for items with less packaging, use re-usable shopping bags and where ever possible get your produce in paper bags, not plastic.

Items such as jars and plastic containers with lids are easy to re-use in a multitude of ways. There are literally thousands of great websites for inspiring re-use ideas – why not take a look at these sites for a start:

What can you do at work?

Did you know that it costs a great deal more to dispose of garbage than it does to recycle? Most businesses can do more to recycle and reduce waste disposal by implementing effective internal waste separation systems. You can do this yourself simply and cheaply by obtaining designated bins for waste, recycling and food scraps and organics.

If your business or workplace uses bulk bins, contact your service provider to see what they can do to help you reduce your waste and increase your recycling.  Most providers are able to give businesses the option of a paper and cardboard service, and some can provide a co-mingled recycling service.

Disposal Services for other waste materials

There are a range of options for the disposal of materials that do not go into household bins.

At the Englands Road Waste Facility, residents are able to drop off the following materials free of charge.    

  • Clean Polystyrene
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Household recyclables  
  • Fluorescent globes  
  • e-Waste (computers, printers and computer hardware)
  • Paint and chemicals
  • Gas bottles and fire extinguishers
  • Oils and fuels

Asbestos is accepted only under strict conditions and only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 12.30pm and 3.30pm. Contact the Coffs Coast Waste Services Hotline on 1800 265 495 for more information.

Further Information.

If you need more information you can visit the Coffs Coast Waste Services Website or Planet Ark websites: 

 [1] DECCW Review of Waste Strategy and Policy in NSW – Dec 2010