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Why Save Water?

Save Money, Save the Environment

Reducing your usage of water will eliminate or defer the need for new dams and supply systems, reduce operating costs for treating and distributing water, reduce your household water charges and possibly your energy bills as well and also protect the health of our beautiful rivers. By using water sensibly and efficiently, we can all contribute to reducing community demand for this precious resource.

The aim of WaterWise is to help you achieve a balance between what you pay in water bills and the benefits you obtain from the water supply. Water is vital to us all. We all rely on plentiful clean water. We use water daily for so many things. Some are obvious:

  • We drink or cold ... by itself or as a basis for almost every beverage
  • We use it for cooking
  • We wash ourselves and our clothes
  • We keep our houses clean and fresh
  • We fill our swimming pools
  • We water our gardens and wash our cars
  • We flush our waste systems
  • In addition, water produces electricity, it cools our homes and office buildings,
  • We use it to grow our food
  • We need water to put out fires; and
  • Many other uses.

Wash a car with a bucket of water not a running hoseFix leaks from a running tap 

Despite its obvious value to us all, we take it for granted and just expect it to be available at the turn of a tap clean, clear and ready to drink. Because we live in a dry continent - the driest in the world - we need to work together to ensure that our supply of clean, pure water from our taps is always there.

We Need Your Help to be WaterWise
Being waterwise means:

  • Understanding our local water supply system
  • Not wasting water or taking it for granted
  • Protecting our City's water assets so they last longer
  • Make water saving a habit

Coffs Harbour Water has been running a WaterWise program for a number of years. We are now one of the most efficient areas in the state in our use of water. However, the ongoing effectiveness of this water conservation campaign depends on everyone in the city making water saving a habit.
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