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Water Efficient Products - Outdoors

Did you know you can find your next water saving purchase for the garden without even leaving the comfort of your chair?

Smart Approved WaterMark Scheme

Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia's labelling scheme for products and services that help conserve water outdoors. An independent technical expert panel assesses all the applications received by the scheme and only those products and services that are proven to save water are able to use the logo. The types of products and services approved by the scheme include:

  • garden mulches and soil wetting agents
  •  irrigation systems and sensors
  • grey water systems
  • rain water harvesting systems
  • pool covers
  • waterless car wash products
  • plumbing services

The scheme is supported by the Australian Government and run by four industry associations: the Water Services Association of Australia, Irrigation Australia, the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia and the Australian Water Association.

Smart Approved WaterMark

savewater! Alliance Product Library

The savewater! Alliance Product Library contains listings of hundreds of products ranging from pumps to mulches, dishwashers  to greywater systems - all independently reviewed by the National Centre for Sustainability at Swinburne University. This database allows you to research products for the home, business or garden based on water or energy efficiency ratings and also by categories for renters, farms, gardens and greywater solutions. 

savewater! Alliance Product Library

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A different water efficiency accreditation scheme, known as WELS, is also in place for products and services which save water indoors.

Save water Indoors

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