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Saving Water In Your Home

Imagine 900 one-litre milk cartons filled with water sitting on your doorstep each morning!  Astonishingly, that's how much water is used every day by the average Australian household. Inside the house alone, we each use an average of 160 litres of water daily.  But research shows that we require much less than this for our needs. Saving water is important for the environment and can also be good for your wallet.

How much water do we use indoors?

An average tap flows at a rate of up to 20 litres per minute, depending on how far it's turned on.  Apply this to how we use water in different rooms in the house (see below) and the figures are surprising. 

 In The Bathroom

 Brushing teeth  5 litres
 Washing hands  5 litres
 Flushing toilets  12 litres
 Shower (10 min)  200 litres
 Bath  100 litres

 In the Laundry

 Washing Machine  150 litres

  In the Kitchen

 Drinking, cooking and cleaning per person  10 litres per day
 Dishwashing by hand  20 litres per wash
 Dishwasher  50 litres per day
 Garbage disposal unit  10 litres per day

We can reduce community demand for this precious resource if we all use water more carefully.

How Much Water Am I Using in My Home?

Use Origin Energy's Water Efficiency Calculator to find out

How Does Your Water Usage Compare?

Use the NABERS Home Rating Calculator to find out

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