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In consultation with the community, Coffs Harbour City Council is currently exploring ideas and options to build a new central Library and Gallery for our region.

We are looking to the future in terms of our cultural spaces for the whole community. Libraries are no longer places for books alone - they are hubs of creativity, technology, learning and ideas. Galleries offer interactive, dynamic experiences which take us beyond simply ‘viewing’ to ‘participating’ fully in the cultural experience. 
The aim is for the new Library and Gallery to match the needs of our growing population and to add value to the City as a cultural, community and visitor/tourist destination.
The State Library of NSW provides guidance on the appropriate size for a library for a population such as Coffs Harbour. At 980m2, including back offices and storage, the current Harry Bailey Memorial Library is 40% of the 2500m2 which is recommended.

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery is amongst the smallest regional galleries in NSW, with 73.5 linear metres.
Even in the current location and with cramped facilities, the Coffs Harbour City Library with over 27,000 members and Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, with over 17,000 visitors per year, already draw large numbers of people and are key players in the cultural life of the City of Coffs Harbour.
Both the Library and the Gallery are currently too small to provide an acceptable level of service to the community despite the excellence of the staff who operate them.

Read our FAQ’s for more information on the proposed new facilities.

Why do we need a new library and a new gallery? Aren't the current ones ok?

Why put these facilities together?

I don't currently use the library or gallery - what's in it for me?

How will Council ensure that we get the right services in the new facilities?

How long will it take until the facility opens?

What have other communities done?

Why not put everything together with a performing arts centre?

Where will it be?

Have your say:
  • Call Sian Nivison, Group Leader Community and Cultural Services, Coffs Harbour City Council on 6648 4081
    The possibilities are exciting … Together, let’s think, dream and create.
A New Cultural Plan for Coffs Harbour
Coffs Harbour City Council is also currently consulting with the community about a new Cultural Strategic Plan for Coffs Harbour, for further information visit