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Cultural and Civic Space


Council plans to renew the city, match the needs of our growing population and create a cultural  precinct which serves as a community, business and visitor destination. In consultation with the community, Coffs Harbour City Council has progressed ideas and options to build a new Regional Gallery and central Library as part of a Cultural and Civic precinct in the CBD.  Both our current Regional Gallery and central Library are far too small to provide an acceptable level of service to our community and visitors, despite the excellence of the staff who operate them.

The goal is to create a new Gallery and Library under one roof alongside complementary mixed use or civic functions on Council owned land in the CBD (23-31 Gordon Street). Council is investigating complementary facilities which could happen on the site along with the library and gallery, to make the most of such an important location. This may  include a new multipurpose event room for up to 200 people which would be used for community and public events.  It may also include a customer service centre to make access to Council services even more convenient.

We are looking to the future in terms of our cultural spaces for the whole community. Libraries are no longer places for books alone - they are hubs of creativity, technology, learning and ideas. Galleries offer interactive, dynamic experiences which take us beyond simply viewing to fully engaging in the creative experience.

Council is expected to make a decision whether or not to proceed with these new facilities in mid 2017.


Read our FAQ’s for more information on the proposed new facilities.

Why do we need a new library and a new gallery? Aren't the current ones ok?

Why put these facilities together?

I don't currently use the library or gallery - what's in it for me?

How will Council ensure that we get the right services in the new facilities?

What have other communities done?

Why not put everything together with a performing arts centre?

Where will it be?


How long will it take until the facility opens?


Have we asked the community?