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Still: National Still Life Award
Building on the ten year foundation of our still life painting award, Still is a newly biennial, acquisitive award for works in the genre of still life, in all mediums. Still is open to artists at all stages of their careers.

Still: National Still Life Award offers $20,000 for the major award and $5,000 for the People’s Choice Award.

Still: National Still Life Award seeks to highlight the diversity and vitality of still life in Australian contemporary art practice, broadening the interpretation of this enduring genre. With art historian Frances Woodley’s definition that still life is “the representation of objects in space in relation to a surface … a representation, a reflection, a transformation and a revelation of the objects around us” as a starting point, the award encourages artists to explore, among others, still life themes of ‘memento mori’, the everyday and the passage of time, life and death. 

Finalists were selected by a panel which includes Coffs Harbour Gallery staff, Brett Adlington, Director Lismore Regional Gallery, and former MCA board member and art collector Lisa Paulsen.

The winning work will be selected by Lisa Slade​, Assistant Director Artistic Programs, Art Gallery of South Australia.
Winning works and acquisitions from Still become part of the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery collection.


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