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Exhibition Calendar

Exhibition Period

 1 July - 20 August 2016
                                                                                                                                                                                  ​Isabel Ricketts

Isabel Ricketts, Maryanne Coutts & Arno Thoener 

Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery opens its exciting July/August exhibition focusing on how fabrics can express our experiences. 

Isabel Ricketts, has created a body of work over a year- long period that has been inspired by quilts made by her grandmother and from older quilts held by Coffs Harbour Regional Museum. Her work, titled the Fragility of Dreams unpacks the ways in which domestic textiles, including clothing, has the ability to elicit and convey memories and feelings. 

Maryanne Coutts, every day for two years has made a small watercolour of the clothes of someone from a news story of the day. Those clothes, lovingly painted on black and white paper revel in the beauty, violence, love and shame that is reported as news. This exhibition brings all 730 images together, inviting us to remember and to reinvent, the events that inspired them.  

Arno Thoener, one of the most significant textile artists of the 1960s, whose work is immediately recognizable for its colour and vibrancy. Though designed and manufactured fifty years ago, the fabrics remain as fresh and contemporary as ever. This exhibition includes metres of original fabric along with swatches, drawings and workbooks. Both Thoener’s intricate and simple designs were all created long before computer assisted drawing was invented.​

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