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 Coffs Harbour Regional Museum 

What's happening at the museum?

The Museum and its collection are now situated in town in Gordon Street. This has made accessibility much easier for both the public and the volunteers. Although the museum is still not open to the public, it is available for people to come and conduct research and make donations of local objects and information.

During the time that the museum has been closed since the flood in 2009, work has continued thanks to a band of dedicated volunteers. During that time we have been accessioning objects, maps, photographs and documents. This will result in much easier access for research and display. We are continuing our work on conservation of our collection.

The staff and volunteers are preparing objects for display so that when the museum opens in early 2014, we will be ready to go!

We now have a volunteer who has taken on the role of Education Officer and Public Programs Officer and this will allow the museum to focus on what school programs are required by the local schools. We are looking forward to having school children able to again visit the museum.

We are  preparing final drafts for two books that we hope to launch next year. This work has been researched by two of our volunteers. Marie Davey has compiled a book that is a photographic history book of Coffs Harbour and regions. The other book is being researched by Michael Rooksberry listing the people in our region who enlisted in WW 1.  The numbers so far are nearly 1600 which is a remarkable number for a country area. This book is hoped to be launched on the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 which is 28th July, 2014. We are looking for photographs of our WW1 soldiers as either a loan to copy or as a gift to the Museum.

The museum has been fortunate to have received grants over the last three years that have helped us to store our valuable photographs. There are nearly 5,000 on Picture Coffs Harbour and there are that many more to go.

Our Collections Management program is allowing us to have a better way of accessing our data and objects. This is a long process and we are pleased with our progress so far.

The Museum staff and volunteers are looking forward to being in the new premises in 2014 and meeting up with the residents and tourist of our city.

Contact the museum on 6648 4848

Mission Statement

The aim of the Coffs Harbour Regional Museum is to reflect the social and cultural history of the Coffs Harbour Region with a primary, but not exclusive emphasis, on developing collections and exhibitions reflecting the relationships between the region’s residents and the area’s maritime and hinterland waterways.

Our Vision

To bring Coffs Harbour’s history alive.


The Coffs Harbour Regional Museum, which is owned by Council, relies on volunteers to work in all facets of museum work. We will be recruiting for new volunteers in the near future. If you are interested in joining our hard working and enthusiastic volunteers, please contact the museum on 6648 4848.

Coffs Harbour City Council