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Road Safety

Road Safety is Everybody's Business

Coffs Harbour City Council has been actively involved in the NSW Road Safety Program since 1996. One aspect of this program is the employment of a Road Safety Officer to implement the programs in partnership with the Roads and Maritime Services (formerly the RTA).

Since 1996 there has been a steady reduction in the number of crashes and casualties on Coffs Harbour roads, despite a substantial increase in traffic volumes.

Local Government is responsible for the maintenance and construction of more than 80% of roads. 50% of serious crashes are on local roads.

23% % of all injury-related crashes in the Coffs harbour LGA involve excess speed. Learn more:

Staying Safe - external link from the RMS 

2012 Crashes in the Coffs Harbour Local Government Area

  • 321 reported crashes involving 499 drivers
  • 68% were local drivers
  • 68% were on roads posted 60kph or less
  • 29% were under the age of 25
  • 61%  were male
  • 23% of crashes involved excessive speed
  • 6% of drivers had an illegal blood alcohol count.

Safe System

Roads, vehicles and speeds should be designed to reduce the risk of crashes and to protect people when a crash occurs. This is known as a safe system approach.

The Safe System approach is a shared responsibility between those who:

  • Plan, construct and maintain the network
  • Use the network (drivers, riders, pedestrians)
  • Manufacture vehicles
  • Enforce road user behaviour

Strategies are based on :

  • Safe roads
  • Safe vehicles
  • Safe people
  • Enforcement

Safe Systems Framework