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The 21st Local Government Information Technology Conference will be held in Coffs Harbour 28-30 November...

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Karangi Public School

Karangi Students WaterWise

Karangi Public School recently undertook a WaterWise refresher to investigate water saving strategies and prevent wastage.

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Arts Grants

Diversity Celebrated Through Arts Grants

Ten local groups are to share $37,400 in arts and cultural grants from Council that will bring new and exciting opportunities...

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Sawtell HP Revamp

Major Holiday Parks Investment Keeps Visitors Coming

All four Coffs Coast Holiday Parks have had significant upgrades to make sure they remain among the top places to stay on the Coffs Coast.

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Artist and Writer

Travels with my Art

Emmy Award-winning film-maker, author, cycling advocate and artist Mike Rubbo will be at the Harry Bailey Memorial Library on August 30 to talk about his book...

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Arrawarra Creek

Arrawarra Creek

Arrawarra Creek is a small estuarine water body situated at Arrawarra, approximately 30 kilometres north of Coffs Harbour.  The creek has a typical water area of around 0.2km2 and a catchment area of approximately 20km2.   It is generally accepted that the creek is in good health. 

While the creek is open to the sea most of the time, it occasionally closes due to natural accretion of the entrance sand berm, giving it a classification of an ICOLL - an Intermittently Closed and Open Lake or Lagoon.  When closed from the ocean tidal exchange is limited which can effect water quality and the health of fish in the creek.  

The estuary catchment has several cultural heritage sites that are highly valued by the local aboriginal community, which include middens and open campsites.  Breakout events of the closed creek can cause erosion of a large midden located adjacent to the estuary entrance.

While Coffs Harbour City Council have artificially opened the estuary a number of times in the past, the Interim Entrance Management Strategy, Arrawarra Creek has been developed to limit mechanical opening of the ICOLL unless clear risks to both ecological and human health are present.

Interim Entrance Management Strategy, Arrawarra Creek Part 1 (7.09 MB)
Interim Entrance Management Strategy, Arrawarra Creek Part 2 (3.21 MB)