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Rate Increases for 2017/18

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) have approved an increase of 1.5% rate peg for the general rates (income generated by ordinary rates) for 2017/18.
Council is in the process of determining the rate structure for 2017/18 using the new land valuations issued by NSW Valuer General.  Once determined the rate structure will form part of the Council Operational Plan for 2017/18 and will be on display for comment.
As part of the previous permanent rate increases Council will continue to freeze the water and sewer annual charges, as well as reduce the increase in water and sewer usage charges and reduce the inspection fees on onsite septic systems in rural areas for 2017/18. 
If you do experience difficulties in meeting rate bill commitments – please do not hesitate to contact Council staff, as we are always willing to work with ratepayers experiencing financial difficulties.
New Land Valuations for 2017/18
Will your new land valuations also have an effect on your land rates?  The answer to this is ‘Yes’.
A property’s land valuation is only used in the determination of the ordinary rate and environmental special rates (levy) on your rate notice.  Other charges on your rate notice – for stormwater, waste, water, sewerage services etc. – are not based on land values.  This means that the valuation changes won’t affect these changes.
It is also important to understand that changes in valuations don’t change the total amount of general income (income from ordinary rates) that Council is allowed to raise each year.  This total is restricted by rate pegging legislation and any approved special rate variations.
Because rates are based largely on land values, changes in individual land values can affect the amount of ordinary rate and environmental levy applicable to individual properties.  In simple terms the land valuations determines a property’s ‘share’ of the total rate funding that Council can generate.  When new values are set, the size of these ‘shares’ can change because some land valuations will increase or decrease compared to others.
Whilst the land valuation process in conducted independently from Council, we are legally required to use the new land values to calculate the ordinary rate and environmental levy for individual properties from 1 July 2017.

Rating Categories

The Local Government Act states that all rateable land must be categorised into one of four rating categories (Residential, Business, Farmland or Mining) and the Council must give notice of this category. Your rating category is displayed on your rate notice.

These categories are purely for rating purposes and are not necessarily related to zoning or location. If you disagree with your rating category, application for a review of your rating category may be obtained by contacting Council on (02) 6648 4000.

Farmland Rating Guidelines.pdf

Other Rate Charges

In addition to ordinary rates, Councils can levy a ‘charge’ whereby the amount charged must relate to the service or benefit provided to the property. These charges can relate to water, sewerage, storm water and waste services and unlike ordinary rates are not subject to rate pegging restrictions.

Further Information Contacts

Further information on local government rating can be found at Office of Local Government or on the back of your rate notice. 

Please contact Council on (02) 6648 4000 if you have further questions, or e-mail all rate and water account enquiries to