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2030 Documents

The Vision 

The 'Community Vision 2030' provides a long term view of Coffs Harbour based on the aspirations of its people. The principles that it sets out are designed to guide planning decisions on social and economic growth, transport, housing, lifestyle and the environment. It was drawn up following a series of wide-ranging public consultation activities including surveys, a telephone poll, creative arts competitions and workshops. The Draft was exhibited for public comment for two months and submissions were considered in the development of the final Vision, which was adopted by Council in March 2009.

In all, five key thematic goals were distilled from the consultation process and form the basis of the Vision. These are that by 2030:

  • We are a prosperous and learning community. (Theme: Learning and Prospering)
  • Our communities are healthy, informed and engaged. (Theme: Looking after our Community)
  • Our natural environment is protected and conserved for future generations. (Theme: Looking after our Environment)
  • We are moving around easily, safely and sustainably. (Theme: Moving Around)
  • Our built environment connects us and supports us in living sustainably. (Theme: Places for Living)

Community Vision 2030 (1.09MB) 

The Community Strategic Plan 

Driven by the Community Vision 2030 (see above), Coffs Harbour 2030 is a Community Strategic Plan for the whole local government area. It was developed between February and November 2009 through a series of community forums.

The Coffs Harbour 2030 Plan is a key component of Council's Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework. After the September 2012 local government election, Coffs Harbour City Council reviewed its IPR framework, including Coffs Harbour 2030. The draft reviewed 2030 Plan was placed on public exhibition in late January 2013 with community submissions received up until 10 May 2013. As a result of the review, a number of changes were made to the document to clarify strategic intent, simplify wording and remove duplicate or overlapping content. Council adopted the reviewed Coffs Harbour 2030 Plan on 23 May 2013.

Reviewed Coffs Harbour 2030 Plan (2013)

It is hoped that the changes will assist a greater proportion of the local community to understand - and respond to – the Coffs Harbour 2030 Plan as a roadmap for taking the city into the future. Importantly, the reviewed plan retains the underlying strategic intent expressed by the community during the development of the original 2030 document. However, it has been streamlined and made less unwieldy as a strategic platform for stakeholders. The 2030 Plan is a community plan, and the entire community – including the business sector and all levels of government - is expected to play a role in helping to implement its strategies and achieve its objectives.

Council's 2030 End of Term Report
At the end of each term of the elected council, a report has to be prepared for the community to outline the council's achievements in implementing the Community Strategic Plan. Our first 2030 End of Term Report was tabled at the last meeting of the previous Council on 23 August 2012.

2030 End of Term - Executive Summary
2030 End Of Term Report - Full Report