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There are a several types of complaints that Council receives about trees:

Dangerous Trees
Trees that are located on Council land or Crown Reserve under Council's control, care and management and that are reported as dangerous will be investigated and assessed. Council staff will investigate and report directly back to you and prioritise works as required.

If the tree is on private property Council cannot undertake tree works.

Fallen Trees
Council is responsible for trees that are growing on the nature reserve, in parks, reserves and open spaces. Council can only deal with trees which have fallen from Council land.

We will need to know:

  • Has the tree fallen over completely
  • Has the tree fallen over due to storm or high wind?
  • Is it blocking the road or footpath, or blocking access to your property?
  • How large is the tree?

Tree Roots Choking Sewer
Council will inspect trees that are interfering with the sewer mains or line and the tree/s may need to be removed but Council will not remove a tree that is on private property. 

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