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Graffiti and Vandalism

Council can clean graffiti from Council buildings and other areas under its care, control and management.

Council prioritises the removal of graffiti based on whether it is offensive or not.

Graffiti on private rubbish bins  

If the rubbish bin is still in good condition i.e. still has wheels and lid intact, Council will not replace the bin.

Customers can pay for a new bin to be delivered. See the Council's Fees and Charges for details.


It is estimated that vandalism costs the Coffs Harbour community well in excess of $100,000 each year.

Coffs Harbour City Council's strong vandalism policy allows for the payment of a reward of up to $5000 for anyone who supplies information leading to a conviction.  

Vandalism of public facilities such as picnic areas and playgrounds should be reported to Council's City Parks Branch or Rangers on (02) 66484000 as soon as possible. This number is also for out-of-hours reports.

Beach Parties

Illegal beach parties at which alcohol is consumed by under-age drinkers have been identified as a major cause of vandalism to public amenities. 

However, vandalism is not the only danger inherent in the combination of alcohol and beach parties:

  • Beaches do not have street addresses. If an emergency situation occurs, the police, fire service or ambulance crew may face delays trying to find the location.
  • Intoxicated party-goers may be left dangerously unconscious and unattended because the seclusion and poor lighting means their condition goes unnoticed.
  • Alcohol is a causal factor in 21% of drownings in Australia.
  • The potential for violent incidents increases with the consumption of alcohol.

Broken glass and damage to vegetation and dune areas have been identified as other potential hazards of illegal beach parties. Residential areas around beaches are also known to suffer vandalism as party-goers leave the site.

(Source: Beach Partying: the Coffs Harbour Community Drug Action Team submission to the NSW Alcohol Summit 2003)