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Issues with Animals

Barking Dogs
Roaming and Wandering Dogs
Wild Dogs
Dangerous and Restricted Dogs
Dead Animals
Nuisance Cats
Pet Numbers
Straying Stock

There are a several types of complaints that Council receives about animals. Read below for more information.

Once you have read more about your particular issue feel free to contact Council on 6648 4000 and ask to be directed to the Ranger Branch.

Roaming and Wandering Dogs

Council can issue an Infringement Notice to dog owners where it is found their dog is not kept under effective control while in a public place.

See the areas where dogs are allowed to be off their leashes, while still under the supervision of their owners.

What you need to tell us:

  • Do you know where the dog/s are coming from?
  • Can you contain the dog/s? 
    Council will only impound the dogs up until 4pm each day. If it is after 4pm it is preferred that the customer holds the dog until the next day when the Ranger can collect.
  • What type of dog/s are they?

Once we know as many of these details as possible, Rangers will patrol the area but there is no guarantee that the dogs will be about when the Rangers are patrolling. It is preferable if the customer could find out where the dogs are coming from and notify Council.

Wild Dogs

Council Rangers do not set traps for wild dogs or cats.

What you need to tell us:

  • Where did you see the wild dogs?
    • If it was in a rural area you must contact the Rural Lands Protection Board
    • If it was in a National Park you must contact National Parks and Wildlife
    • If it was in a residential area Council's Ranger will patrol for it.
    • If you have captured the wild dog contact Council and a Ranger will come and impound it.

Dead Animals

Council can organise dead animals to be disposed of from roadsides and public places:

  • If the animal is on a beach - you can Council or National Parks and Wildlife
  • If the animal is on a riverbank or floating in the river - it could be an environmental issue so please contact Council's Environmental Branch for further information
  • If the animal is on private property - Council will not dispose of dead animals on private properties
  • If the animal is on the Pacific Highway - contact the RMS

Straying Stock

Stock owners are obliged to keep their fences maintained to keep their stock from straying onto neighbouring properties and roads. Council impounds stock that have strayed onto Public Land or have been delivered to Council by occupiers of private land.

What you need to tell us:

  • Where are the stock and what colour and type are they?
  • Are they on public roads or public lands, or private lands?
    • If they are on public roads or public lands Council will send Rangers out immediately
    • If they are on private land the stock must be impounded by the occupiers of the private land.
  • Is the owner known?
    • If the owner is not known - the occupiers of the private land must organise for the stock to be delivered to Coffs Harbour City Council's pound. The occupier will be reimbursed for the transport fees when the stock are sold or released to the owner. You will be asked to sign a Statutory Declaration stating that they have tried to locate owners.
    • If the owner is known - the occupiers of private land are to contact owner within 24 hours to let them know that they have strayed onto their land and that they should make arrangements to collect them.