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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

Momentum is building all over the world to cut down on single use plastic – so why not start your own revolution in Plastic Free July 2018.

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City Square

City Square Concept Design

Coffs Harbour City Council invites input from key stakeholders and the broader community to finalise a revised concept design for City Square.

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Trading Places

Trading Places

From 1 July 2018, Coffs Harbour City Council will no longer charge local businesses fees to use footpaths for trade.

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Pop Goes Plastic

Safer Streets Success

The announcement of over $900,000 in grant funding to improve public safety in Toormina and Coffs Harbour city centre has been welcomed by Mayor Councillor Denise Knight.

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Arts Grants

Arts Bringing People Together

A Saltwater Freshwater Festival youth flash mob, a short film about growing up in a coastal town, artist exchanges between local galleries, a science festival...

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PB Area of Concern

Public Warned to Avoid Path at Popular Beach

Recent swell and natural tidal actions have moved the Coffs Creek entrance south making one of the access points to Park Beach South (North Wall Beach) currently unsafe to use.

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Next Water Mains Flushing Schedule

Flushing Program

Dates & Times


Week 1

Tuesday, 14th November - Friday 17th November

9:00am - 3:30pm each day

North/western areas of Coffs Harbour, Sawtell (east of Railway), 

Emerald Beach, Emerald Heights, Sandy Beach, Coramba, 

Nana Glen, Moonee Beach and Sapphire Beach

​Week 2

​Tuesday, 21st November - Friday 24th November 

9:00am - 3:30pm* each day

Southern areas of Coffs Harbour, Diggers Beach, Macauleys, 

Korora, Woolgoolga, Middle Boambee Road

​*CBD - around Harbour Drive will be flushed between 

5:00am - 7:00am on Wednesday, 22rd November

​Week 3

Tuesday, 28th November - Friday, 1st December

9:00am - 3:30pm each day

Toormina, Boambee (west of Railway), Bark Hut, Sunset Lakes, Safety Beach, Mullaway, Arrawarra and Corindi Beach


The water mains flushing program is part of Council’s programmed works designed to ensure that the water quality is maintained to the relevant standards.  Coffs Harbour Water regrets any inconvenience that may be caused.

Discolouration of the water supply may occur and consumers are advised to check their tap water before commencing any washing or drinking.


Sometimes, Council will need to shut off the water flow to a section of our water main network to allow our staff to complete emergency repair works, scheduled maintenance or improvement works to the water distribution system.

Depending on the water mains in the area, the water supply interruption could affect residents in just one small cul-de sac street or an entire village or area.

Wherever possible, Council will make every effort to avoid or minimise any inconvenience to residents.

Before the water is turned off

In cases of scheduled water main maintenance or improvement works, Council will give those residents likely to be affected by the water supply interruption written notification 24 hours in advance of the water being turned off.

In cases of unplanned water main or water service repair works, Council is unable to give any notice to those residents likely to be affected by the water supply interruption that the water is going to be turned off.

After the water is turned back on

Council will flush the water mains in the area after the scheduled maintenance, improvement works or emergency repair work is completed in an effort to ensure clean drinking water is available to residents, however affected residents may experience some issues with the water supply:

  • Dirty water - dirt particles can get into the water main during the works process, which can make the water in your house appear brown or coloured. You can turn on the tap at your water meter and run water out of the tap until the water runs clear. You may also need to run the taps in your house until the water runs clear from those as well.  If the dirty water problem persists, please contact Council.

  • Milky/cloudy water - air can make it's way into the water main during the repair works, which can make the water in your house appear white or milky. If you pour a glass of water and sit the glass on a table for a few minutes, you will see that the water starts to clear from the bottom up - as the tiny air bubbles make their way to the surface. If you leave the glass long enough, eventually all the air bubbles will dissipate and the whole glass of water will look clear again. These air bubbles have no adverse health effects on drinking water quality.

The same as for dirty water, you can turn on the tap at your water meter and run water out of the tap until the water runs clear. You can also run the taps in your house until the water runs clear from those as well.

Air in the water mains should clear quickly, but if the problem persists at your property, please contact Council 02 6648 4000.

If consumers have any enquiries please contact Council on 02 6648 4000.