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 Sewerage and Reclaimed Water Services 

You probably don't even think about it, but every time you wash a load of clothes in your washing machine, have a shower, brush your teeth or go to the toilet, Coffs Harbour Water puts a lot of work into making sure that used water is quickly taken away and made safe to either be used again or released into our beautiful Coffs Harbour city ocean environments, where so many of us swim, fish, surf, dive and boat.

Your wastewater system is comprised of several distinct stages between when you last used the water and when it is either reused to irrigate a local park or released into the Pacific Ocean just off our popular beaches.

  1. The starting point of our wastewater system is collection from throughout the sewered areas, including all homes and businesses;
  2. After all the wastewater is collected, it is brought to one central point for treatment at our Water Reclamation Plants;
  3. When all your wastewater has been treated, it is called Reclaimed Water and is ready to for reuse by a variety of different users in our community; and
  4. Finally, any reclaimed water which is not needed for reuse by our reclaimed water customers is released into the Pacific Ocean.

Coffs Harbour Water manages your sewerage system using funds provided by Rates payments, however customers who place extra demands on the sewerage system by discharging large amounts of sewage or contaminated, low quality wastewater will also be sent a sewerage bill. This bill is like a user pays system and the money paid is used to cover the increased costs incurred by Coffs Harbour Water treating the added load on the sewerage system.

Since 1997, Coffs Harbour Water has been implementing the Sewerage Strategy which involves upgrading and expanding our sewerage system to improve the sewerage services to residents and ensure provision of adequate sewerage services to future residents up to 2021.

Coffs Harbour City Council and the State Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 1997 to develop a sewerage strategy for the provision of sewerage services to meet the city's future growth up to 2021. The Coffs Harbour Sewerage Strategy involved capital works estimated to cost about $250 million.

Did you know that our popular Regional Botanic Garden used to be the dump site for all the toilet wastes in Coffs Harbour, which were collected by two men in a single truck? You might be interested in the history of your Coffs Harbour Wastewater System!







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