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Drinking Water Supply

It's easy to take for granted, so you probably don't realise the work that goes into getting water to your tap everytime you turn it on. Coffs Harbour Water works hard to ensure that water is always available, clean and safe when you need to mop the floor, wash your hands or have a drink.

Top quality drinking water supply Your water supply can be divided into several distinct stages between when the water arrives as rainfall as part of the water cycle and when it runs out of the tap at your house:

1) The starting point of your water supply is when Coffs Harbour Water extracts water from the river source.

2) After the raw water from the river is sourced, it is sent to the Karangi Water Filtration Plant for treatment.

3) When the water has been treated, it is sent to all Coffs Harbour Water customers via a distribution network of reticulation mains.

As well as testing the quality of the water at the Water Filtration Plant before being sent to your home, Coffs Harbour Water also has samples of water from the household end of the distribution system tested to ensure all quality standards for consumer health and safety are being met.

All customers of Coffs Harbour Water pay for the water they use through the "user-pays" system of water metering and bills.

No-one really likes water restrictions, but we like running out of water even less! All customers of Coffs Harbour Water are subject to our Permanent Water Conservation Measures currently in place and to any further water restrictions when necessary.

Did you know that past water shortages meant that the water supply to Coffs Harbour had to be turned off on the weekends?