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Jetty Structure Refurb

Timber Jetty Undergoes Refurb

The historic jetty is to receive some much-needed TLC with a major programme of repair and refurbishment beginning from April 17.

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ANZAC Day Closures

Check the opening hours of Council's facilities on ANZAC Day.

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Positive Ageing

Positive Ageing Strategy

Council are inviting input from members of the community aged 55 years or older on developing a Positive Ageing Strategy.

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Detention Basin

Work Begins on Final Coffs Creek Flood Basin

Construction of the fourth and final flood detention basin planned for the Coffs Creek catchment will begin at Upper Shephards Lane ...

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Coffs Creek

Improvements Flow into Coffs Creek

An accessible jetty and launching ramp, a new playground, an updated amenities building and new parking area at Saltwater Park are among many improvements...

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Dont Be a Tosser

No Excuse for Litter

Coffs Harbour residents are being reminded there is no excuse to litter this autumn ...

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Upcoming Events


Coffs Harbour Seniors Festival

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16 - 27
May Gibbs

May Gibbs Display at the Library

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Museum Exhibition

Created from a Dream: A Gift of Calligraphy Exhibition

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April 2018

Create your own Journal with Suzanne Archer

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April 2018
BU Festival

Youth Week BU Festival

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April 2018
Ipads and biscuits

iPads and Biscuits

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Gallery Events

9 March - 5 May 2018image

​Suzanne Archer: The Journey Woman

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23 April 2018/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/PublishingImages/Gallery/2018%20Exhibitions/Journal%20Writing%20–%20Web%20Tile%20150%20x%20150.jpg

Journal Writing Workshop for Youth tab
11 May - 7 July 2018/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/PublishingImages/Gallery/2018%20Exhibitions/Kerry%20Johns%20–%20Web%20Tile%20150%20x%20150.jpg

Autumn Selection Exhibition

/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/Pages/Gallery/Exhibitions/Kerry-Johns,-Frances-Larder,-Timna-Taylor,-Elizabeth-Tinker-and-Glen-Wilkinson.aspxNew tab
11 May 2018/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/PublishingImages/Gallery/2018%20Exhibitions/Autumn%20Selection%20Opening%20Night%20–%20Web%20Tile%20150%20x%20150.jpg

​Opening Night: Autumn Selection tab
12 May 2018/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/PublishingImages/Gallery/2018%20Exhibitions/Autumn%20Selection%20Tour%20–%20Web%20Tile%20150%20x%20150.jpg

​Autumn Selection Interactive Artist Tour tab
25 May 2018/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/PublishingImages/Gallery/2018%20Exhibitions/Meredith%20Connie%20–%20Web%20Tile%20150%20x%20150.jpg

​Meredith Connie Concert tab
13 July - 1 September 2018/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/PublishingImages/Gallery/2018%20Exhibitions/David%20Fairbairn%20-%20Web%20Page.jpg

​David Fairbairn & Aleph Geddis

/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/Pages/Gallery/Exhibitions/David-Fairbairn--Aleph-Geddis.aspxNew tab
14 September - 10 November 2018/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/PublishingImages/Gallery/2018%20Exhibitions/Clay%20Intersections%20–%20Web%20Tile%20150%20x%20150.jpg

​Clay Intersections

/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/Pages/Gallery/Exhibitions/Clay-Intersections.aspxNew tab
16 November - 25 January 2019/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/PublishingImages/Gallery/2018%20Exhibitions/3rd%20Tamworth%20Textiles%20Triennial%20–%20Web%20Tile%20150%20x%20150.jpg

​Open House: 3rd Tamworth Textile Triennial

/Community-and-Recreation/community-venues-and-facilities/Pages/Gallery/Exhibitions/Open-House-3rd-Tamworth-Textile-Triennial.aspxNew tab