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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

Momentum is building all over the world to cut down on single use plastic – so why not start your own revolution in Plastic Free July 2018.

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City Square

City Square Concept Design

Coffs Harbour City Council invites input from key stakeholders and the broader community to finalise a revised concept design for City Square.

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Trading Places

Trading Places

From 1 July 2018, Coffs Harbour City Council will no longer charge local businesses fees to use footpaths for trade.

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Pop Goes Plastic

Safer Streets Success

The announcement of over $900,000 in grant funding to improve public safety in Toormina and Coffs Harbour city centre has been welcomed by Mayor Councillor Denise Knight.

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Arts Grants

Arts Bringing People Together

A Saltwater Freshwater Festival youth flash mob, a short film about growing up in a coastal town, artist exchanges between local galleries, a science festival...

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PB Area of Concern

Public Warned to Avoid Path at Popular Beach

Recent swell and natural tidal actions have moved the Coffs Creek entrance south making one of the access points to Park Beach South (North Wall Beach) currently unsafe to use.

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Water Safety

Coffs Harbour City Council employs a professional lifeguard team to patrol the City's most popular beaches and to promote surf safety education.

The number one golden rule for swimmers is:

Always swim between the red & yellow flags on patrolled beaches.  Remember NO FLAGS = NO SWIM.

It is important to read the Flags and Beach information Signs and understand what they mean before entering the water.


  • Swim alone or surf at beaches not patrolled by lifeguards or lifesavers.
  • Bathe outside the red and yellow flags that mark beach swimming areas.
  • Remember NO FLAGS = NO SWIM.
  • Bathe directly after a meal or under the influence of alcohol.
  • Bathe when the beach is closed. (Observe the visual signal "Warning - Swimming not Advised)
  • Bathe when there are no red and yellow flags in position. Remember NO FLAGS = NO SWIM.
  • Panic if caught in a current or rip, raise one arm straight up, call for help and float until help arrives.
  • Struggle if seized with a cramp. Raise one arm for help, float and keep the affected part of the body still.
  • Bathe if unsure of conditions. Seek the advice of the nearest lifeguard or lifesaver. 
  • Struggle against a rip or current, but if strong enough, swim towards the white water.  Sandbanks are recognised by breaking waves, REMEMBER: White is Right, Green is Mean.