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Council's Corporate Planning and Reporting
Council’s Corporate Planning and Reporting 
All Councils in NSW are tasked to produce a set of documents as part of the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework. These documents set out where Coffs Harbour wants to be in ten years and how Council will respond to help achieve these aspirations through details of its budgets, activities and performance measures. 
The IPR documents are: 
  • Coffs Harbour 2030 (Community Strategic Plan) - Long-term (ten year) aspirations of the Coffs Harbour community. At the end of every four-year Council term, Council produces an End of Term Report to outline how we think we are progressing as a community towards meeting these aspirations.
  • Delivery Program - Council’s four-year plan to address Coffs Harbour 2030
  • Operational Plan - What Council will deliver in the first year of the Delivery Program
  • Annual and 6-Monthly Reports - How Council performed against the Delivery Program and Operational Plan
  • Resourcing Strategy - Council's Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy and Workforce Management Plan.
Council is currently seeking feedback from the community on its Draft 2016-2020 Delivery Program, Draft 2016/17 Operational Plan, Draft Delivery Program Budgets 2016-2010 and Draft 2016/17 Fees and Charges.
More information can be found at our on exhibition page.


Improving Council's Financial Sustainability

Council's draft budget for 2016-2020 includes two central features that will assist our long-term financial sustainability:
·         A Special Rate Variations (SRV) in 2016/17 to assist Council to meet its infrastructure maintenance and renewal needs. Council’s SRV application was approved by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) on 19 May 2015.


  • The ongoing Transformation to Sustainability (T2S) project to help the organisation address an underlying operational deficit.
 More information can be found at the Funding Our Future page. 
Council's adopted IPR documents:

Adopted 2015_2019 Delivery Program 

Adopted 2015_2016 Operational Plan

Adopted Division Budgets 2015-2019

Adopted 2015-2016 Fees and Charges.pdf

2015-2025 Resourcing Strategy

Delivery Program Progress Reports:


Annual Report 2014/15


State of the Environment Report:

State of the Environment Report


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